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City Council Work Session
May 7, 2019
5:00 P.M.
City Hall – 6131 Taylorsville Road – Council Chambers  

1.   Call Meeting To Order/Roll Call:
2.   Approval of Minutes:
A.    April 16, 2019
3.   Work Session Topics of Discussion:
A.   City Manager Report
B.   MVRPC Regional Bikeway Plan Presentation
C.   ZC 19-08 - Kitty Hawk Commons/The Oaks - Rezoning
D.   2020 BWC Group Rating Discount Program
E.   City Benevolence Policy
F.   DOJ Bulletproof Vest Grant - Police Division
G.    Montgomery County Solid Waste District Grant - Miami Villa Park
H.   Purchase of Mowers/Disposal of Surplus Property - Public Works Division

     *  Purchase of Mowers
        *  Disposal of Surplus Property
I.   Supplemental Appropriations
J.   SIB Loan - Carriage Trails Infrastructure
K.   County Assessments Authorization
City of Dayton - Water Interconnection/Booster Stations
M.   Stonehurst Water Standpipe Painting - Solicit Bids
Water Softening Project Construction - Award Contract
O.   Text Amendment - Sections 1123.01, 1123.02 and 1123.25 - Accessory Buildings
P.   Text Amendment - Section 1313.04 - Maintenance Standards
Q.   Text Amendment - Section 1181 - Swimming Pools
R.   Text Amendment - Section 521.08 - Littering/Deposit of Garbage and Trash
S.   Liquor Permit #5900108 - Cape Lounge - 5130 Brandt Pike
T.   City Council Compensation
U.   NLC First Tier Suburbs Summer Conference Update
V.    Lexington Place TIF District
4.   Adjournment:

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