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City Manager  
Meeting Date: 04/22/2019  
Huber Heights Schools PILOT Payments Amendment - Amending Resolution No. 96-R-1764
Submitted By: Anthony Rodgers
Department: City Council  
Council Committee Review?: Council Work Session
Date(s) of Committee Review: 04/16/2019
Audio-Visual Needs: None
Emergency Legislation?: No
Resolution No.:

Agenda Item Description or Legislation Title
A Resolution Amending Resolution No. 96-R-1764 And Authorizing The City Manager To Negotiate A New Agreement With The Huber Heights School District.
(first reading)
Purpose and Background
Resolution No. 96-R-1764 titled, “A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Make Payments to the Huber Heights School District in Lieu of Taxes Regarding the City Water and Sewer System” was passed by City Council on February 5, 1996.  The payments under Resolution No. 96-R-1764 were premised upon the fact that the City acquired a privately owned water utility system that was paying personal and real property tax, a portion of which was going to the City of Huber Heights City School District and when that privately owned water utility system became the property of the City it became tax exempt resulting in a loss of tax revenue to the School District.  Given the sudden loss of revenue to the School District from the sale of the privately owned utility, the City determined it was in the public interest of the Huber Heights community served by both the City and School for the City to make certain payments-in-lieu-of-taxes to the Huber Heights City School District Board of Education.  Under Resolution No. 96-R-1764 the City is to annually pay to the Board a contribution that approximates the amount of taxes for both real and personal property which would have been payable to the Board for calendar year 1995 and subsequent years based on 1995 millage if the privately owned water utility had remained in private ownership in two equal payments no later than April 30 and September 30 immediately following the calendar year for which payment is made.  Personal property is no longer subject to taxation and, under the law, City Council can repeal and or amend a resolution passed by a previous Council.
This legislation directs the City Manager ito negotiate a new agreement with the Huber Heights School Board regarding payments to the schools as a result of the privately-owned water utility becoming tax exempt and amends Resolution No. 96-R-1764 ito provide that the City shall not make any further payments to the Board under Resolution No. 96-R-1764 except through a new authorized agreement.

Fiscal Impact
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Recurring Cost? (Yes/No): N/A
Funds Available in Current Budget? (Yes/No): N/A
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