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City Council Work Session
February 6, 2018
6:00 P.M.
City Hall – 6131 Taylorsville Road – Council Chambers  

1.   Call Meeting To Order:
2.   Approval of Minutes:
A.    January 16, 2018
3.   Topics of Discussion:
A.    City Manager Report
AI-B.   Parks and Recreation Master Plan Presentation
AI-C.   Dog Park Presentation
AI-D.   Purchase of Vehicles - Police Division
AI-E.   Disposal of Surplus Property - Police Division
HVAC Maintenance - City Buildings - Solicit Bids
AI-G.   Chapter 192 - City Income Tax Ordinance Changes
AI-H.   Supplemental Appropriations
AI-I.   Depository Agreements - Revised
AI-J.   2018 Street Program - Solicit Bids
AI-K.   2018 Sidewalk Program and Concrete Portion of the 2018 Street Program - Solicit Bids 
AI-L.   North Water Pressure Zone Project - Solicit Bids
M.    Staffing Levels - Fire Division
AI-N.   ZC 17-44 - Casey's Marketing Company - Rezoning/Basic and Detailed Development Plans
AI-O.   ZC 17-40 - 201 Corridor Management - Rezoning/Basic Development Plan
AI-P.   ZC 18-01 - Adam Garverick - Rezoning
AI-Q.   ZC 17-38 - City of Huber Heights - Medical Marijuana Text Amendments
AI-R.   Eichelberger Amphitheater Rental Policy and Fees
AI-S.   Second Half, 2017 - City Code Replacement Pages
AI-T.   Council Employee Evaluations
AI-U.   2018 Rules of Council
4.   Adjournment:

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