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  ITEM 4.       
City Council Workshop
Meeting Date: 08/15/2017  
Submitted By: Tabitha Perry, Assistant Planning Director
Department: Development Services  

Presented By:  Jon M. Froke, AICP, Planning Director
Purpose and Recommended Action
At the May 17, 2016 Council Workshop, Mayor Weiers identified a Council Item of Special Interest requesting for staff to research flagpole regulations and standards be reviewed for residential and commercial properties.
Staff has been researching this topic and has combined it with a number of other miscellaneous amendments to the Zoning Ordinance through a proposed Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA).  The ZTA is intended to provide clarity and improve customer service.  This request is separate from the CIOSI pertaining to flagpoles in Thunderbird Park. 
Staff initially presented this topic at the City Council Workshop on September 20, 2016.   Council requested additional research at that time and for staff to continue to work on the ZTA.
These amendments can be processed through a future Zoning Text Amendment.  The ZTA proposes to modify the flagpole heights for model home complexes and commercial properties in Glendale.  Some additional topics are proposed as outlined below.
Other amendments are intended to improve customer service and address common requests that Planning Staff receives from our customer base and stakeholders.  These amendments would be related to administrative functions, flagpole regulations, addition of some land uses and modifying the definition of Medical Marijuana to comply with Arizona Department of Health Services regulations.
The following amendments are proposed:
a)         Revisions to flagpole heights to allow a 60-foot height for commercial properties and model home complexes.  The temporary flagpole would be removed once the model homes are sold.
b)         Amend the definitions’ section pertaining to Convenience Use, Medical Marijuana Dispensary Offsite Cultivation Location, and Mobile Home Subdivision. 
c)         Revisions to the Section 3.600 Design Review is proposed to require a minor review of exterior color changes to existing multi-family, office, commercial and industrial projects.
d)         Revise the definition of Disk Jockey to pertain to relevant activities of such a person.  This would provide clarity to the types of entertainment that are provided at certain establishments in Glendale.
e)         With respect to reapplication of cases that are denied, staff proposes the length of time before filing the same land use application be increased from 6 to 12 months.  The extra time would allow neighborhoods to recover.
f)          Zoning District edits would include the following:
Addition of a new heading:  SECTION 5.500 OFFICE DISTRICTS.  This would provide consistency with how other types of land uses are introduced in the zoning ordinance.  This requires the renumbering of the RO, CO and GO office zoning districts.
Hyphens removed from the RO, CO, GO and BP zoning districts to be consistent with the way that other zoning districts are identified.
Assisted living facilities would be added as a permitted land use in the NSC and SC zoning districts.  This would promote mixed use and walkability.
Propose adding the following land uses to C-3, M-1 & M-2:  auction houses, breweries and data centers as a permitted land use.  This responds to recent requests for these unique land uses in Glendale.
Hospice care facilities would be added to the SC zoning district.
Propose requiring a public art component to all new requests for PAD, Planned Area Development zoning.
Allow accessory structures to increase their height by 3 feet for architectural features.
Edits are proposed to various sections of the Sign Ordinance to provide clarity and simplify verbiage.
Glendale has three hospitals throughout the city.  Various edits are proposed to the permitted signage for Major Medical Centers and directional signage.
Increase the lot coverage in the R1 zoning districts to 50%.  The current standard varies from 40% to 45%.  As homebuilding activity continues to increase in the City, requests for additional lot coverage is common. 
With respect to Convenience Uses, staff is seeking input on how water and ice dispensing machines should be regulated. With the advent of quick serve take home food, and small storefront grocery stores, staff is proposing that such restaurants and stores not require a Conditional Use Permit.
Staff is seeking guidance on how to proceed with revised flagpole regulations such as is 60 feet acceptable and should they be allowed on commercial sites with a minimum acreage such as 10 acres.
As many of our new residential projects are located on smaller, in-fill sites, it is proposed that the Mobile Home Subdivision portion of the Zoning Ordinance be amended to allow not only mobile homes, but also pre-manufactured homes to respond to the changing housing market. 
The process to establish regulations regarding these topics can be achieved through a Zoning Text Amendment.  Attached is a draft Ordinance for consideration.
The ZTA process offers additional citizen participation opportunities, where citizens can provide input regarding these various topics.


Staff is seeking guidance from Council on how to proceed with this Zoning Text Amendment.  If guidance is provided to continue to work on the ZTA, then staff will request that the Planning Commission formally initiate the ZTA.  A neighborhood meeting would be scheduled in advance of any future public hearings to seek input from the community on the proposed edits to the Zoning Ordinance.
Item 4 - Draft Ordinance
Item 4 - FlagPoles And Miscellaneous
Item 4 PPT

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