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  ITEM 3.       
City Council Workshop
Meeting Date: 08/15/2017  
Submitted For: Stephanie Small
Submitted By: Monica Schroeder, Administrative Support Spec
Department: Community Services  

Presented By: Stephanie Small, Director, Community Services Department
                       Charyn Eirich-Palmisano, Administrator, Community Revitalization Division
                       Rick St. John, Chief, Glendale Police Department
                       Erik Strunk, Director, Public Facilities, Recreation and Special Events
Purpose and Recommended Action
Staff will present an annual update on the Glendale Homeless Strategic Action Plan (Plan).  This will be in conjunction with a Council Item of Special Interest (CIOSI) requested by Councilmember Aldama, during the May 2, 2017 Workshop.

The purpose of this item is to provide City Council with a review of the action items and seek recommendations for further direction.
During the City Council Workshop on August 16, 2016, the Community Service Department presented to Council the Plan and recommended action items utilized in the implementation of this Plan.  

At the Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC)’s summer retreat on July 8, 2017, the committee was updated on the key accomplishments that achieved since the Plan presentation to Council.
The homeless population in the City of Glendale has changed and increased over the last few years.  The number of homeless  persons counted during the Point in Time Count (PITC) conducted on January 24, 2017 by City staff, in cooperation with the police department, community action team, and citizen volunteer teams, in accordance with Maricopa Association of Government Continuum of Care requirements, was officially 57 unsheltered individuals in Glendale.  This is a 29% increase over the 2016 count.  The Community Service Department has been involved with the PITC since the early 2000’s.  The count has gone up steadily since 2015.  The Plan presented to Council reflected a methodology to develop the following recommended action steps:

• Establish a dedicated Homeless Liaison who can manage the homeless plan across departments and with external agencies and identify an appropriate funding source.
• Address homelessness as a cohesive unit and create a network of homeless champions both internally and externally.
• Improve communication between internal departments and external organizations and community members.
• Create a city wide standardized data collection system for homeless interactions.
• Evaluate, clarify, and strengthen City ordinances and code to assist the police and park ranger enforcement of community property violations concerning homelessness activities, considered unintended uses.

The presentation today will update the Council on the Plan’s action steps.  Departments will provide an update on the initiatives they have utilized to assist in the implementation of this Plan and steps taken to address homelessness in the Glendale community.   In addition, staff will present recommendations to reduce homelessness in the Glendale community moving forward.  

During Council Item of Special Interest at the May 2, 2017 City Council Workshop, Councilmember Aldama requested research on funding sources, including HUD funds.  Glendale receives federal funds annually through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnerships, and Emergency Solutions Grant programs.  Of the $2.9 million received in fiscal year 2016/17, $319,525 was dedicated to funding homeless services and/or homeless prevention, and assisted 885 Glendale residents.  Federal funds are subject to the federal budget process, and the allocations can change annually.  At this time, the City does not provide general funds for direct services.
Previous Related Council Action
During the August 16, 2016 City Council Workshop, Council recommended staff move forward with the Plan.

At the May 2, 2017 City Council Workshop, Councilmember Aldama requested a CIOSI to research a dedicated funding source to include HUD funds to address homelessness in Glendale.

On July 8, 2017, the CDAC held a summer retreat where staff provided an update on the Plan.  The Committee did not recommend any additional action items. 
Community Benefit/Public Involvement
The 2016-17 Fiscal Year ended with significant accomplishments as the City developed strategies to address homelessness and homeless prevention.

The City is in the beginning phase of a long-term plan.  This update illustrates the work and coordination between City departments and our overall collaboration with our outreach partners.  To date, the City has collaborated with Phoenix Rescue Mission, U.S. Vets, and A New Leaf to provide one-on-one outreach in the downtown area, as well as offer services at their locations.  Although intensive case management is not available at this time, partnering agencies are able to provide housing and workforce development assistance, as well as hot meals, shelter, clothing and showers.
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