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Meeting Date: 06/11/2019  
Submitted For: Debbie Burson
Department: Human Resources  

Presented by: Jim Brown, Human Resources & Risk Management Director
Purpose and Recommended Action
This is a request for the City Council to authorize the City Manager to reclassify existing positions within the organization that have experienced a change in duties and/or responsibilities. 
As the City seeks out ways to more innovatively provide city services, jobs must adapt to address those changes.  Department Directors work closely with the Human Resources and Risk Management Department to conduct job studies and make these changes when necessary.  At times this may require a change in job duties and/or responsibilities that places the job in a different job classification.  When this occurs, a reclassification of the job is necessary.  Human Resources Policy 301.II.A.4 states the following with regard to position reclassifications:
A position may be reclassified when the essential duties and responsibilities of the position change significantly through the addition or deletion of essential job functions.  Positions may be reclassified to a higher or lower classification and pay range as a result of a job study.  The recommendation made to the City Manager by the Human Resources & Risk Management Director and approved by the City Council is final.  Classification decisions are not appealable or grievable.
When a filled position is reclassified to a class in a higher pay range, the employee occupying the position may receive a salary adjustment for the reclassification as determined by Human Resources.  If the employee’s current salary is less than the minimum of the new range the employee will be placed at the minimum of the new range.
If, at the time of the reclassification, an employee is receiving temporary assignment pay for performing additional duties that fall within the scope of the new classification, the employee’s base salary will be adjusted accordingly but shall not exceed the maximum of the new grade and the temporary assignment pay shall cease.

If a filled position is reclassified or reevaluated and assigned a lower pay range, the employee’s pay will not be reduced.  However, if the employee’s current salary is above the maximum of the new pay range, the employee will not be eligible for any additional increase in salary until the pay range maximum is once again higher than the actual salary. 
It is prudent to continually assess the current structure and opportunities for realignment to better prepare the city for the future.
The City Manager’s office has re-organized the Engineering department. The new foundational structure will allow for greater efficiency and effectiveness.  This business model includes reclassification of two positions as follows; the CIP Projects Manager to an Administrator, Engineering Budget & CIP and another position to a Principal Engineer.  The position to be reclassified to a Principal Engineer will be determined after an internal recruitment process is held.  These reclassifications will enhance the department’s ability to achieve and maintain the required service levels and turnaround times to enable them to meet the ongoing  needs of internal and external clients.
The City Council has expressed an interest in creating a more robust contract administration function for the City. To meet this request, the City Attorney's Office has requested that two positions be reclassified: one vacant position (Assistant City Attorney) and one filled position (Management Assistant to the City Attorney).  Both would become Contracts Program Managers.
As part of the restructuring of the City Audit function the Assistant City Auditor is being reclassified to an Audit Program Manager.
The Human Resources and Risk Management Department works closely with Department Directors in conducting job studies to determine whether a job requires reclassification.  It is important that job descriptions accurately reflect the duties being performed by employees and that the job classification reflects the level of duties and responsibilities required of the position.  This helps ensure that the City provides a clear understanding to employees of what their duties are, helps to identify the appropriate level within the organization the position holds and helps supervisors with directing and assessing the performance of employees.  It also assists with any confusion that might arise between the City and employees as to the duties and responsibilities required of a position.
Previous Related Council Action

On June 12, 2018 Council approved the FY2018-2019 Budget which includes a listing of all approved positions in Schedule 9 of the Budget Book.


Council approved position reclassifications at the September 11, 2018 Council meeting.


Council approved position reclassifications at the February 26, 2019 Council meeting.
Community Benefit/Public Involvement
Ensuring that job descriptions appropriately reflect the duties being performed protect the city from potential litigation and help ensure that the citizens are receiving the appropriate level of services necessary. 

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: FY2018-19
Fiscal Year Amount Requested: $305.00
Budgeted Y/N?: N
Account: Multiple
Transfer Required? Y/N: N
If Yes, what account will be used?:
Budget and Financial Impacts:
There will be a known budget impact for FY18-19 of $305.00.  Any additional impact on the FY 2018-19 budget will depend on the date the position is filled and the actual salary offered.

Multiple Accounts
1000-3014-500200 Engineering Administration - $80.00
1000-1210-500200 City Attorney - $225.00

There will also be an estimated budget impact of $48,068 for next fiscal year.
Reclassification Report
YTD Reclassification Cost


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