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  ITEM 25.       
Meeting Date: 06/11/2019  
Submitted For: Rick St.John
Department: Police  

Presented by: Rick St. John, Police Chief
Purpose and Recommended Action
This is a request for City Council to award RFP 19-18 and authorize the City Manager to enter into an Agreement with Southwest Polygraph Services, Inc. and approve the expenditure of funds in an amount not to exceed $100,000 over the entire term of the Agreement for Police Department pre-employment polygraph exam services.  The initial term of the Agreement is for one year; however, staff is further requesting Council authorize the City Manager or his designee to renew the term of this Agreement at his discretion for an additional four (4) one-year periods.  
Pre-employment polygraph examinations are conducted for all sworn and civilian positions, as well and some volunteer positions within the Police Department.  Information contained within the Police Department General Order for Recruitment and Selection, Section 21.011 (The Polygraph Examination) states, "Upon completion of the background investigation the Personnel Management Unit will coordinate the scheduling of applicants for polygraph examinations.  The polygraph will be utilized to verify the information received on the background questionnaire and information learned during the background investigation."  The Arizona Administrative Code, Title 13, Chapter 4 (Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board), Section 106 (Background Investigation Requirements) requires a polygraph examination be administered.  A Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies standard (31.5.4) on the topic of polygraph examinations or other instruments for the detection of deception used in the selection process indicates that the sensitive nature of these tests make it necessary to rely upon examiners who possess professional training and certification in the use and interpretation of these investigative tools.
Polygraph examinations are used to verify the truth of the background packet information provided by applicants, and determine if examinees are outside of City selection/policy guidelines.  Pre-employment examinations include pre-test interviews, examinations, and post-test interviews (if and when needed).  City formatted/approved questions are used and industry standard interview techniques are followed to attempt to conclusively resolve any "deception indicated responses."  The City requires polygraph examiners: 
  • Have a current Arizona polygraph examiner license and/or have graduated from an accredited American Polygraph Association (APA) school;
  • Be current members in good standing with professional polygraph associations;
  • Have a minimum one (1) year experience in conducting pre-employment and/or specific issue polygraph examinations;
  • Adhere to the established code of ethics, standards, and practices of the APA;
  • Conduct all polygraph examinations in a manner that is consistent with accepted standards of practice in the clinical polygraph community; and
  • Perform examinations in accordance with industry/law enforcement agency standards and in accordance with any and/or all City specifications, security policies/procedures and directions.
In the past, quotes were solicited from prospective vendors for pre-employment polygraph exam services.  A variety of other companies have been used over the years if they best met the needs and/or were most advantageous to the Police Department.  
In order to save time and have a consistent vendor in place for these important services, a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Pre-Employment Polygraph Exam Services was advertised in January 2019.  Three proposals were received, and an evaluation panel reviewed the proposals determining that Southwest Polygraph Services, Inc. best met the criteria and conditions set forth within the scope of the RFP. 

If the recommended action is approved, the Agreement will begin upon Council approval and remain in effect for an initial term of one year.  Upon approval, Council also authorizes the City Manager or his designee to renew the term of the Agreement at his discretion for an additional four (4) one-year periods.  The expenditure shall not exceed $100,000 over the entire term of the agreement (initial term plus any renewals).  The Agreement with Southwest Polygraph Services, Inc. will be used for pre-employment polygraph examination services for the Glendale Police Department on an "as needed" basis.  Police Department Personnel Management shall maintain oversight of these services. 
Community Benefit/Public Involvement
Pre-employment polygraph examinations are conducted for all sworn and civilian positions, as well and some volunteer positions within the Police Department.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: FY2019-20
Fiscal Year Amount Requested: $20,000
Budgeted Y/N?: Y
Account: 10005020-521110
Transfer Required? Y/N: N
If Yes, what account will be used?:
Budget and Financial Impacts:
The Police Department is estimating costs for pre-employment polygraph exam services at $20,000 annually, for an amount not to exceed $100,000 over the entire term of the Agreement. Funding has been proposed in the FY2019-20 budget that will be presented to Council for approval. If extensions to the Agreement are elected, appropriation for future annual costs will be requested in those FY budgets presented and will be contingent upon Council approval.
Agreement - RFP 19-18 Southwest Polygraph


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