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  ITEM 11.       
Meeting Date: 06/11/2019  
Submitted For: Brian Friedman
Department: Economic Development  

Presented by: Brian Friedman, Director, Economic Development
Purpose and Recommended Action
This is a request for City Council to authorize the City Manager to enter into a professional services agreement with MAP Strategies Group, LLC to assist with advancing the City’s goal to attract economic development projects of significance in an amount not to exceed $95,000 for an initial term of one year. This is also a request to authorize the City Manager, at their discretion, to extend the agreement for one additional year. 
Business Attraction is a primary function of Glendale’s Office of Economic Development. The attraction of new companies and subsequent job creation translates into new revenue streams for the city.
Glendale has experienced a rise in development with significant investment and interest in specific industries and distinct geographic areas of the city. Strategically aligning the priorities of the Economic Development team, along with the necessary resources to meet client needs and capitalize on the current momentum, while also diversifying the economy and creating quality job opportunities within Glendale, is a key focus of the Economic Development team.
In order to most effectively engage the open market to encourage business attraction to Glendale, the Economic Development Department participates in select membership organizations and enters into exclusive partnerships that further these efforts within our targeted industries and strategic districts.
Local, national and international prospects often elect to work directly with select agencies and industry influencers to consider all available site selection options. Through a contracted partnership with MAP Strategies Group, Glendale will have access to exclusive services, resources and industry influencers to better compete for high quality business attraction prospects.
MAP Strategies shall perform the following tasks:
  • Develop a communication strategy that articulates a compelling case to target audiences that re­defines and elevates perceptions about the city of Glendale.
  • Engage in strategic economic development activities with influencers, end users and high-end decision-makers that benefit the goals of the Office of Economic Development.
  • Identify existing challenges or barriers to business attraction and work with other consultants to develop a narrative about potential collaborative focuses to spur economic development investments in the city of Glendale.
  • Coordinate strategies with stakeholders that build economic prosperity in the city and work to share the messaging developed with all appropriate sources of media.
  • MAP Strategies will work hand in hand with the city on their broader Economic Development goals and ensure to the greatest extent possible the open market perception of Glendale is advanced. 

The professional services agreement with MAP Strategies is proposed for a one year term with an effective date of July 1, 2019.
Community Benefit/Public Involvement
Facilitating jobs creating, promoting growth opportunities, enhancing our public perception and increasing our revenue base are key objectives for Glendale’s Office of Economic Development. Supporting and growing a diverse, sustainable economy that provides economic opportunity is essential to achieving the City’s mission to improve the lives of the people we serve every day. Businesses, neighborhoods, individual residents and the entire region all benefit from the improved quality of life that these economic development efforts create.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: FY19-2020
Fiscal Year Amount Requested: $95,000
Budgeted Y/N?: Y
Account: 10002310-521110
Transfer Required? Y/N: N
If Yes, what account will be used?:
Budget and Financial Impacts:
Funding will be available in the Non-Departmental FY2019-20 operating budget, pending Council approval.  Expenditures beyond the current fiscal year are dependent upon Council budget approval.


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