MAY 3, 2022
10:00 A.M.

NOTICE is hereby given in accordance with Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, that a SPECIAL MEETING of the Commissioners Court will be held in the Commissioners Courtroom of the Courthouse Annex III Building, 100 E. Cano, 1st floor,  Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas. Discussion and possible action relating to the following business will be transacted:


The following items are of a routine or administrative nature. The Commissioners Court has been furnished with background and support on each item, and/or it has been discussed at a previous meeting. All items will be acted upon by one vote without being discussed separately unless requested by a Commissioner, in which event the item or items will immediately be withdrawn for individual consideration in its normal sequence after the items not requiring separate discussion have been acted upon. The remaining items will be adopted by one vote.

1. AI-85712  
Approval of check register and payment of claims and bills - (Payments from Juvenile Probation, Adult Probation, LEOSE Fund, DA Motor Vehicle Theft Fund, DA Check Fraud Fund, DA Forfeiture Fund, Sheriff Forfeiture Funds, Constable Forfeiture Funds, HIDTA Forfeiture Funds and VIT Interest Fund are presented for recording purposes only.)
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2.   Auditor's Office:
A. AI-85713   Presentation of Fund Information Report Click to View
B. AI-85662   Discussion, consideration and approval to process the City of Alamo 2020-2021 TIRZ payment in the amount of $134,393.52 pursuant to the interlocal agreement between the City of Alamo, Hidalgo County, and Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone No. 1.
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3.   2022 Intradepartmental transfers:
A. AI-85601   2022 - WIC (1292) Click to View
B. AI-85683   2022- Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office (1100) Click to View
C. AI-85677   2022 - County Clerk's (1100) Click to View
D. AI-85666   2022 - Public Affairs (1100) Click to View
E. AI-85663   2022 - Emergency Management (1100) Click to View
F. AI-85569   2022 PCT. 1 - R&B Click to View
G. AI-85567   2022 - AUTOPSIES (1100) Click to View
H. AI-85548   2022 - DA CCP59 (1223) Click to View
I. AI-85542   2022-206th DC (1100) Click to View
J. AI-85558   2022 - Jail (1100) Click to View
K. AI-85570   2022 - Health & Human Services Dept. / COVID-ELC (1293) Click to View
L. AI-85588   2022 - Purchasing (1100) Click to View
M. AI-85606   2022 - Nuisance Abatement (1100) Click to View
N. AI-85615   2022 - Pct. 1 R&B (1200) Click to View
O. AI-85630   2022 - CRIM DA (1100) Click to View
P. AI-85632   2022 - Pct.4 Parks (1100) Click to View
Q. AI-85647   2022 - Elections (1100) Click to View
R. AI-85651   2022 - D.A. State Supplement (1281) Click to View
4.   2022 Interdepartmental transfers:
A. AI-85539   Pct. #1 (1353):
Approval of 2022 interdepartmental transfer from Pct.1 program 253 to program 237 in the amount of $13,156.60.
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B. AI-85595   Approval of 2022 interdepartmental transfer from Pct.4 Rd Maint (program 007) to Pct.4 10th St Flashing (program 226) in the amount of $12,942.00. Click to View
C. AI-85619   HIDTA CCP59 (1251)/DISTRICT ATTORNEY CCP 59 (1223)
Approval of interfund transfer from Hidalgo County HIDTA CCP59 fund (1251) to DA's CCP59 fund (1223) in the amount of $5,000.00.
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5.   Planning Department:
A. AI-85616   1.  Certificate of Plat and Utility Status under Texas Local Government Code Section 232.028 (b)
2.  Certificate of Water Service Availability under Texas Local Government Code Section 232.029 (c) (2)
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B. AI-85549   1. Preliminary Approval
a. Centerpoint at Alamo Road Subdivision- Pct. 4 (Samuel Gomez) (Alamo Road & Alberta Road)
No. of Lots: 1 Single-Family
Flood Zone: B
Estimated Number of Streetlights:N/A
Filling Stations:N/A
Drainage: Yes, Drainage will be provided by natural perculation and surface runoff will drain into Alamo Road side ditch.
ETJ: Yes, City of Edinburg.
Water: Yes, provided by North Alamo Water Supply Corporation.
Sewer: Yes, OSSF’S.
Paved: Yes, Alamo Road is paved.

b. S&J Subdivision- Pct. 3 (JIM-ACE LLC.) (Doffing Road & Mile 7 North Road)
No. of Lots: 1 Single Family
Flood Zone: X
Estimated Number of Streetlights:N/A
Filling Stations:N/A
Drainage: Yes, Drainage will be provided by natural perculation and surface runoff will drain into Doffing Road side ditch.
ETJ: Yes, City of Mission.
Water: Yes, provided by Agua SUD.
Sewer: Yes, OSSF’S.
Paved: Yes, Doffing Road is paved.

c. T & O Ranch No. 3 Subdivision- Pct. 1 (T & O Ranch Investments, LLC.) (Mile 1 East Road & Mile 4 North Road)
No. of Lots: 4 Single Family
Flood Zone: C
Estimated Number of Streetlights:N/A
Filling Stations:N/A
Drainage: Yes, Drainage will be provided by natural perculation and surface runoff will drain into Mile 1 East Road side ditch.
ETJ: Yes, City of Mercedes.
Water: Yes, provided by Military Highway Water Supply Corporation.
Sewer: Yes, OSSF’S.
Paved: Yes, Mile 1 East Road is paved.
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6.   County Judge's Office:
A. AI-85669   Approval of Proclamation in gratitude of Emergency Management Coordinators. Click to View
7.   County Treasurer:
A. AI-85592   2022 Hidalgo County 1st Quarter Investment Report Click to View
8.   Human Resources:
A. AI-85598   1.  Approval of reimbursement in the amount of $1,325,340.52 to Aetna Insurance Company for claims paid on behalf of Hidalgo County from 4/7/22 to 4/20/22.
04/07/22 - 4/13/22 $651,074.61
04/14/22 - 4/20/22 $674,265.91
Total: $1,325,340.52

2.  Approval of wire transfer to cover claims paid.
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B. AI-85544   Self-Insured (2202):
Requesting approval of reimbursement of the Hidalgo County Workers' Comp. Claims paying account for claims paid by Tristar Risk Management for the period of April 1, 2022 - April 15, 2022 in the amount of $51,893.41 and requesting approval of wire transfer.
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C. AI-85625   Approval to add the employees listed on the attached Exhibit A for the continuation of payment of certain COVID-19 related overtime hours as previously approved in AI-83946 to be funded through COVID-19 ARPA funds. Click to View
9.   Tax Refunds:
A. AI-85541  
No. Account Number  Payer Amount
1. C8220.03.000.0132.00 FOYTEK ELHART V & JESSICA $3,216.59
2. E2300.00.002.0031.05 KIESEWETTER NELDA D INDP EXEC $5,260.66
3. L2845.06.000.0015.00 ZAMORA ALEJANDRO & NOELIA D $3,566.96
4. M2650.99.013.0004.07 S & O MARTINEZ AUTO SALES & USED AUTO PA $4,334.87
5. M4725.00.000.001C.00 DOMAIN DEVELOPMENT CORP $4,835.36
6. M7200.00.000.0005.01 WILKINS THOMAS W TRUSTEE $4,212.25
7. P6190.99.000.0058.46 FORTUNE GROUP & METAL TEXAS LLC $51,042.08
8. Q0910.00.000.0065.00 GARCIA MARY JANE $4,793.04
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B. AI-85376  
No.  Account Number Payer Amount
1. C1626.03.000.0032.00 BMS TRADER GROUP, LLC $4,452.25
2. P2945.00.00A.0002.00 TEJAS HOUSING GROUP XL LIMITED PARTNERSH $2,688.40
3. R3113.00.004.0003.00 SECURITY SERVICE TITLE COMPANY LLC $3,762.04
4. S1700.02.032.0015.00 LA HACIENDA BRANDS INC $2,977.20
5. T6353.00.000.0079.00 XOCHYTL ROSSETTE $3,000.00
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C. AI-85379  
No. Account Number Payer Amount
1 E8465.05.000.0001.00 STAG IND MISSION LP $5,170.40
2. R1953.00.000.0001.00 AARONSON LIMITED PARTNERSHIP $3,603.42
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D. AI-85380  
1. S2400.00.000.0098.00 ESCOBEDO ARTURO $2,802.99
2. T0803.01.000.0019.00 SILVA JESSICA NICHOLLE $5,951.32
3. T6010.01.000.0096.00 DIMAS ROBERTO & SANDRA $4,492.64
4. T6010.01.000.0096.00 DIMAS ROBERTO & SANDRA $4,422.21
5. V3697.00.000.0007.00 PEREZ GILBERT MORIN $3,087.40
6. W6005.00.000.0011.00 BLACKWELL AMY JO & COLLIN KYLE $7,579.95
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10.   Pct. #4:
A. AI-85594   Requesting reimbursement for Commissioner Pct. 4 Ellie Torres in the amount of $45.00 for April 23, 2022 to May 23, 2022 invoice paid to Switcher Studio after auditing procedures are completed by County Auditor. Click to View
B. AI-85554  
Requesting approval for payment of a claim for T.F.R. Enterprises, Inc. for Inv.#1313 in the amount of $37,462.70 with authority for County Treasurer to issue payment after review and auditing procedures are completed by the County Auditor.
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11.   Membership Dues/Certifications:
A. AI-85689  
County Commissioners (1100):
Approval to pay 2022 membership dues with authority for County Treasurer to issue check once auditing procedures are completed by County Auditor for the following:
Border Trade Alliance (BTA) $10,000.00 2-1100-413-30-125-004-0-810 447900
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B. AI-85605  
County Commissioners (1100):
Approval to pay 2022 membership dues with authority for County Treasurer to issue check once auditing procedures are completed by County Auditor for the following:
Lower Rio Grande Valley Dev. Council (LRGVDC) $45,347.00 2-1100-413-30-125-004-0-810 447899
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C. AI-85587   District Attorney (1100):
Requesting approval to pay membership dues for the Texas District & County Attorneys Association (TDCAA) for several District Attorney's Office employees, in the amount of $60.00 (Requisition #453335), with authority for the County Treasurer to issue check after review, audit and procedures are completed by the County Auditor.
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12.   Head Start:
A. AI-85526   Approval of Monthly Financial Report: March Click to View
B. AI-85527   Approval of Monthly Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Report: March Click to View
C. AI-85528   Approval of Monthly Texas Department of Agriculture Meals/Snacks Report: March Click to View
D. AI-85529   Approval of Monthly Special Services Report:  March Click to View
13.   Budget & Management:
A. AI-85550   DA VUCAP (1281) / Tax Office (1100) / Health Adm (1100):
Approval of the following salary schedule change in accordance with Hidalgo County Classification and Compensation Pay Plan effective as indicated:
Action Dept/Prg Slot Position Title G/S Budgeted Salary G/S Proposed Salary Effective Date
Budget Adjustment (Lateral) 080-020 0009 Court Advocate 08/01 $34,767.00 08/02 $35,984.00 04/18/2022
Budget Adjustment (Demotion) 140-001 0049 Deputy Clerk I 05/01 $27,599.00 05/02 $$28,565.00 04/13/2022
Budget Adjustment (Promotion) 340-001 0066 Health Inspector II 09/01 $37,548.00 09/06 $44,595.00 05/09/2022
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B. AI-85610   Pct. #1 (1351):
Approval of 2022 interfund transfer from Pct.1 CO2017 program 195, 239, 242 to TXDOT F1315 prog 039 for M6W  Phase1 (M9-M11) in the amount of $123,512.35.
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Purchasing Dept - Notes:
A.   Pct. #1:
1. AI-85537   Requesting authority to exercise the third (3rd) of four (4) yearly renewals with Mr. Richard Cohrs as provided under current contract for "Lease of Land for Citizen Collection Site - Donna Area" [C-19-049-06-06] under the same rates, terms, and conditions. Click to View
2. AI-85618  
Requesting approval of payment application #25 in the amount of $11,183.00 submitted by Sames Engineering and Surveying for Pct. 1 Mile 6 West Road (Mile 9 to Mile 11) project.
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B.   Pct. #2:
1. AI-85531  
Requesting approval to pay the following invoices submitted by the project engineer, L&G Consulting Engineers, Inc., for engineering services provided for Pct 2 Projects:
Project Name Invoice Date Invoice #      Amount  PO#
Nolana Loop Project (WA#2) 03/31/22 11328905 $10,450.29 826939
Eldora Road Project (WA#3) 03/31/22 11328910   $5,547.50 821432
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2. AI-85547  
Pct. 2 Dicker Road Project:
Approval of payment application No. 28 in the amount of $90,346.72 for Pct 2 Dicker Road Project submitted by the contractor, 2GS, LLC (Contract C-19-017-11-05) and reviewed by the project engineer, Saul R. Munoz, P.E.
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C.   Pct. #3:
1. AI-85524   Approval of Payment Application No. 12 in the amount of $263,901.78 to REIM Construction Inc., for "Mile 3 N. Rd. Project" CSJ:0921-02-321 through contract # C-20-294-02-23, as certified for payment by project manager engineer B2Z Engineering. Click to View
2. AI-85543   Requesting approval of a Public Purpose Declaration pursuant to Article 3, Section 52(a) of the Texas Constitution, to purchase promotional items as detailed in Exhibit "A" attached herein including, logo setup, printing cost, fees, and freight fees, [when/if applicable] with said items to be utilized in Pct's events as detailed herein under BACKGROUND. Click to View
D.   Executive Office:
1. AI-85634   Requesting authority to exercise the second (2) one (1) year extension with Platinum Translation L.L.C, under the same terms and conditions as provided on the current agreement "Language Interpretation and Translation American" (C-20-114-04-21). Click to View
2. AI-85645   Requesting ratification for AI-85475 (item B) approved by CC on 04/19/22 for interpreting services with Sign Language Interpreters, L.L.C. dba A Sign Language to correct the commencement date to May 19, 2022, through May 18, 2023. Click to View
3. AI-85593  
Requesting approval of Payment Application No. 7 in the amount of $15,166.68 for the “Hidalgo County Former Plains Capital Bldg. Reconfiguration" Project submitted by contractor, Noble Texas Builders, LLC and reviewed by the project engineer, Halff Associates, Inc. 
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E.   Facilities Management:
1. AI-85607   Requesting authority to remove missing assets from Facilities Managements inventory list identified in Exhibit "A" attached herein and determined "unable to locate" as detailed in the supporting documentation. Click to View
2. AI-85608   Requesting authorization to Surplus assets declare as “Salvage property “on "Exhibit A" due to items deemed obsolete including the removal from the HC Facilities Management inventory to be destroyed and discarded via landfill pursuant to LGC Ch. 263.151.1. Click to View
F.   Health & Human Services:
1. AI-85574   Requesting approval of one (1) 48 month Capital Copier Lease (model IMC8000) with G.E. Capital Information Technology Solutions, DBA Ricoh USA through HC's membership with DIR Cooperative Contract (DIR-CPO-4435, exp 09/25/2023) in the amount of $603.55 per month. Click to View
G.   Purchasing Department:
1. AI-85467   Requesting authorization to surplus and remove assets from the Hidalgo County inventory list, to be destroyed and discarded via landfill as per LGC Ch. 263.151.1 declared as “Salvage property on "Exhibit A" due to items deemed obsolete of no value for the purpose for which it was originally intended. Click to View
H.   Sheriff's Office:
1. AI-85507   Approval to exercise the automatic one (1) year renewal as stated in the current Memorandum of Understanding: (MOU) #C-07-225-05-08 for the "Prenatal Health Care Services for Inmates" between the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office and Hidalgo County Health Department. Click to View
2. AI-85546   Requesting approval of payment for the following invoice as submitted by ERO for Feasibility Study for the expansion of the Hidalgo County Jail (PO# 841487):
Invoice #2022-0047 in the amount of $100,000.00
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I.   Tax Office:
1. AI-85589   A. Pursuant to the holdover provision 2.1 of the current software contract between Hidalgo County and Appraisal and Collection Technologies, LLC, requesting approval to continue the services beginning July 1, 2022 (Contract C-15-070-06-23).

B. Requesting authority to advertise the Automated Tax Collection System for the HC Tax Office (Project No. 22-0188-KMG), including re-advertising, if applicable, subject to purchasing and legal approval. 
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