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  Agenda Item 2.c.       
Meeting Date: 08/17/2021  
Item Title:    ImageTrend - ePCR/FireRMS Software Suite
Submitted By: Mark Lee
Bid Number: 1169-21

Purchase Justification:
This request is for the purchase of a centralized, web-based system that offers fire and prehospital emergency data collection and analysis, locations/occupancy/inspections, checklists, reporting and analytics in one enterprise solution. 

The Fire Department currently operates with a fire incident reporting package, an EMS reporting package, a CRM inspections package, and SharePoint in order to collect information important to Fire and EMS service delivery.  None of these current systems share information.  The ideal system would combine as many of these functions as possible, thereby reducing duplication of data entry, allowing seamless integration, and providing easy information retrieval.  Access to analytical reporting could be achieved without knowledge of Crystal Reports or any other data extraction languages.

In a world of data-based decision-making, the importance of data collection and analytics is critical.  We do not have the necessary functionality with our current systems.  With our current Records Management System, it is difficult to find information related to airpacks, bunker gear, fleet information and tool inventories.  The recommended software can be configured to manage all of these items as well as other critical data points.

The Fire Department has also been looking for staffing software to assist in personnel scheduling for the last five (5) years.  The department is using Google Sheets, GroupMe text apps, and Excel spreadsheets.  Google Sheets and GroupMe are neither secure nor reliable as the developer can make changes or abandon the product with little notice.  The proposed software solution includes a staffing module that will fit the needs of the department.

This will be a hosted software (SaaS), placing the responsibility of upgrades, maintenance, and product support on the vendor instead of City of Garland IT Services staff.  This approval is for a Term Agreement that will be renewed annually as long as the Fire Department continues to use the software and funding is available.
The software services will be provided by ImageTrend, Inc., through an Interlocal Agreement with Georgetown.
Award Recommendation:
Vendor Item Amount
ImageTrend, Inc. Annual Fee $156,816.00
ImageTrend, Inc. One-time Fee 18,505.00
  TOTAL: $175,321.00
Basis for Award: Interlocal Agreement  
Purchase Requisition #: 45793

Fiscal Impact
Total Project/Account: N/A
Expended/Encumbered to Date: N/A
Balance: N/A
This Item: $175,321
Proposed Balance: N/A
Account #: 451-6999
Fund/Dept/Project – Description and Comments:
Term Contract sets price but does not commit funds.  Expenses will be charged to the Information Technology Fund and the IT Project Fund as incurred.

* The Fire ePCR/RMS upgrade project was included in the FY 2020-21 Revised Budget
   as a mid-year addition. 
Bid Recap

Fiscal Reference:  
Budget Type: Operating Budget
Fiscal Year: 2020-21  
Document Location: Pages 313 & 317*  

Budget Director Approval: Allyson Bell Steadman Approval Date: 08/06/2021
Purchasing Director Approval: Gary L. Holcomb Approval Date: 08/04/2021


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