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  Agenda Item 7.a.       
Meeting Date: 03/05/2019  
Item Title:    Z 18-33 Development Engineering Consultants, LLC (DEC) (District 1)
Submitted By: Kira Wauwie

Approval of 1) an Amendment to Planned Development (PD) 03-53 for Freeway Uses, 2) an amended Concept Plan, and 3) a Detail Plan for Dwelling, Multi-Family Uses.
Valley Creek/State Highway 190 Partners L & S Land Company, Ltd.
On February 11, 2019 the Plan Commission, by a vote of eight (8) to zero (0), recommended approval of the request as presented by the applicant.
Approval of the request as presented by the applicant.
In 2003 City Council approved Planned Development (PD) 03-53 District to allow the development of a mixed-use town center regional shopping mall and complementary peripheral development. PD 03-53 requires review of a Detail Plan through a public hearing process. With PD 03-53 portions of the overall site were assigned as individual tracts.
The core tract of the Planned Development has been constructed with an urban style, outdoor-oriented shopping mall. At the north end of the core shopping area, townhouses and an apartment complex have been developed.
The Development Design Intent of the overall zoned property is to create a unified development with linked vehicular and landscaped pedestrian pathways that connect throughout, including a unified architectural themed development in respect to massing, façade details, materials, roof details, and similar features. The zoning includes specific regulations for building design, landscaping, and signage.
The applicant has brought forward a proposal only for Tract 2 of PD 03-53.  The proposal is to amend PD 03-53 development conditions, amend the Concept Plan, and for a Detail Plan.
The site is also zoned Planned Development (PD) 12-36 District for regulation of free standing signs. This application proposes no changes to PD 12-36.
The subject property contains approximately 39.14 acres in area. The portion of the site proposed for multi-family development contains approximately 570 lineal feet of frontage along Firewheel Parkway. The multi-family development will be accessed from two points along Firewheel Parkway. Future development sites are reserved to the north and south of the multi-family parcel. These sites are designated on the Tract 2 plan for retail/commercial use and multi-family development. Additionally, those sites will be subject to future Detail Plan review.
The site is currently undeveloped. The Planned Development (PD) 03-53 District identifies Tract 1 and Tract 2 for development regulations.  Tract 1, the core area of the Firewheel Town Center, is allowed uses including include retail, office, restaurant and personal services.
Tract 2, the subject of this application, is allowed Multi-Family Use, Retail Sales with Gas Pumps (Fuel Pumps, Retail), Temporary Outdoor Sales, and Commercial Antenna Type 2 (Commercial Antenna) uses. The ground floor of Multi-Family Use buildings is limited to non-residential purposes. Additionally, a maximum of 600 multi-family units are permitted with an allowable density of sixty (60) units per acre.
A Detail Plan is proposed for Multi-Family Use on a portion of Tract 2.  The applicant also seeks to modify Tract 2 to allow retail uses at the northeast corner of President George Bush Tollway (PGBT) and Firewheel Parkway rather than within each multi-family building. Additionally, the unit maximum is proposed for clarification in terms of density and maximum unit count. Finally, the applicant seeks to clarify future access to property located east of Tract 2.
Amendment to Planned Development (PD) 03-53:
  1. This project consists of Tract 2 of the Firewheel Town Center development. Tract 2 is allowed Multi-Family, Retail Sales with Gas Pumps (Fuel Pumps, Retail), Temporary Outdoor Sales, and Commercial Antenna Type 2 (Commercial Antenna) uses.  The ground floor of Multi-Family Use buildings is limited to non-residential purposes.  The applicant proposes to establish Tract 2 with four (4) lots as shown on the proposed Concept Plan.  A Detail Plan request is included with this application, for Lot 1 only. 
  2. The proposal would retain the approved uses, except commercial uses would not be required on the ground floor areas of multi-family development on Tract 2.  The Concept Plan further designates four lots as follows:  Lots 1, 2, and 4 for multi-family uses, and Lot 3 for retail uses. 
  3. The site’s Planned Development (PD) 03-53 District restricts the site to 600 multi-family units with an allowable density of sixty (60) units per acre.  The existing condition is unclear with regard to whether the unit count or the density is the deciding factor for development.  This proposal intends to provide clarity.  The maximum aggregate unit count is proposed at 1,800 multi-family units on Tract 2.  This application proposes 319 units on Lot 1, reducing the future available number of multi-family units from 1,800 to 1,481 on Tract 2. 
  4. Where development requirements are not established in the Planned Development regulations, the Garland Development Code (GDC) controls the standards. Multi-family use is required a minimum of forty percent (40%) of the gross platted area of the site must be devoted to landscaping, open space areas, pools, and similar outdoor recreational activity areas. On Lot 1 the proposed multi-family use on Lot 1 includes approximately twenty-seven percent (27%) open space. 

    Although at this time the other Tract 2 lots are not proposed with development, the applicant’s request is to establish standards that contribute to a more urban style development and reduce the required open space to ten percent (10%) of each project regardless of the use. The GDC open space requirement for commercial uses is ten percent (10%).
  5. On Tract 2 the applicant desires to allow carports to cover two rows of parking for a maximum coverage of twenty (20) parking spaces, whereas the GDC limits carport coverage to no more than ten (10) parking spaces. In addition the applicant seeks to clarify that the site be allowed tandem parking outside of an attached, covered parking space to satisfy the amount of required parking.  While tandem parking is not objectionable with a known Detail Plan where each component of the development is displayed, future Lots should be reviewed on a case by case basis to assure tandem parking is, at a minimum safely designed and reasonable in relation to the uses allowed.  Therefore, the conditions are to allow tandem parking with this proposal and for further consideration with the future Detail Plans for Lots 2, 3, and 4. 
  6. With the Lot 1 Detail Plan, the applicant proposes a site plan for Dwelling, Multi-Family development with eleven (11) residential buildings, a leasing office building, and a clubhouse. The residential buildings are three (3) stories with a maximum height of forty-two (42) feet.  A condition is included to allow the maximum height of forty-four (44) feet in order to accommodate the GDC method of measuring height from finished grade.  The leasing office building as well as the club house are one-story and have a height of twenty-three (23) feet for both buildings.  In comparison, the GDC maximum building height for Multi-Family (MF) District development is forty (40) feet, and the Firewheel Town Center Core of PD 03-53 is allowed a maximum height of fifty-five (55) feet.  Further, the application proposes a building height at a maximum of seventy-five (75) feet on other portions of Tract 2; PD conditions are included that would instead defer review of height with the Detail Plans submitted for the other portions of Tract 2. 
  7. In response to the urban character established by the existing zoning, the design of Lot 1 is set out with buildings fronting the site boundaries with the exception of the north property line, and having the parking and service areas behind the buildings with limited visibility to the street and adjacent properties.  Specifically, three buildings address Firewheel Parkway including two residential buildings and the leasing building.  Sidewalks and landscaping along the perimeter of the site encourage and captures the intent of a more urban development impression.  The existing Planned Development states that the streets are the most important public space within the development and the building massing and orientation is to reinforce and enhance the streetscape by creating quality public spaces and pedestrian corridors.  The proposal sets the building on the required thirty-foot setback in front of which the landscape buffer is to be planted with canopy trees and other materials creating a walkable frontage. 
  8. The multi-family Site Plan proposes future vehicular and pedestrian connections to the north and south, to Lots 2, 3, and 4. Furthermore, the applicant has proposed to establish a future connection to property east of Lot 4, through Lot 3 and connecting to Firewheel Parkway. 
  9. The GDC establishes a parking ratio of one parking space per efficiency unit, one and a half (1.5) parking spaces per each one-bedroom dwelling unit and two (2) parking spaces per each dwelling unit with two (2) or more bedrooms; therefore, the proposed Dwelling, Multi-Family would require 521 parking spaces. The proposed development provides 525 parking space in compliance with the GDC. In addition, a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the required parking spaces must be covered parking; 319 parking spaces or sixty-one percent (61%) of the required parking will be covered parking.  Although not drawn on the Site Plan, the applicant proposes to allow tandem parking spaces if needed and these spaces would exceed the parking data mentioned in this table.  Additionally the construction drawings would be required to demonstrate that any tandem parking spaces fully meet size, safety and any other requirements of the GDC and City regulations. 
  10. With Lot 1, the building setback along Firewheel Parkway is thirty (30) feet and the buildings are placed generally parallel to the right-of-way line whereas the GDC requires the buildings to be set at a 30-degree angle to the right-of-way line. A parallel placement of the buildings is conducive to the intent of an urbanized and more compact walkable development style. 
  11. The Garland Development Code (GDC) prescribes a number of other requirements. These include storage space, clubhouse, swimming pool, and leisure areas. The submitted Lot 1 plans show the club house and leisure spaces that satisfy the GDC. However, the applicant proposes one swimming pool with approximately 1,600 square feet or more of surface water whereas the GDC requires two swimming pools with a minimum of 800 square feet each for developments with more than 250 dwelling units. 
  12. The proposed landscaping conforms to the screening and landscaping requirements of the Planned Development (PD) District 03-53 and the GDC. 
  13. PD 03-53 contains specific requirements for building design. The proposed design conforms to these requirements: 
  14. Buildings employ “four-sided architecture”; comparable materials are used on exposed sides of the buildings and loading areas are behind buildings, and are screened from the street. 
  • Buildings consisting of 30,000 square feet or more contain a minimum two foot offset.  
  • Buildings contain details and elements that such as awnings, canopies, and architectural features that encourage diversity and articulation of the surfaces. The roof lines are similar to the existing apartment and town house development north of the core of the town center.  
  • Freestanding enclosure of trash containers are shown with materials to match the buildings. While the GDC precludes the use of stucco on refuse enclosures, PD 03-53 does not preclude stucco.
  • Buildings employ features to emphasize entrances.
  1.  No details or deviation requests were provided regarding signage. All signage will be in compliance with the applicable standards of PD 03-53 and the Garland Development Code (GDC).
The Envision Garland Plan designates the subject property as Regional Centers, which are areas with a higher concentration of activity that serve as a destination for residents and visitors. Uses within this development type provide a mix of retail, services, entertainment, and employment and may include residential uses. Regional centers may be found along major highways and turnpikes, and at significant bus or rail stations.
Regional centers generally cover an area greater than thirty (30) acres and consist of one or more buildings with more than 450,000 square feet of gross leasable area. This development type typically serves a five to fifteen-mile radius trade area, within a 20 minute drive time, and serves a minimum population of 150,000.
The surrounding properties are within the boundaries of the subject site’s Planned Development (PD) 03-53 District. The properties to the north, east, and south are unimproved. To the west is the Firewheel Town Center regional shopping mall and associated uses. Multi-family development is intended for this site and is compatible with the nearby development.
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