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  Agenda Item 7.b.       
Meeting Date: 03/05/2019  
Item Title:    Z 18-49 City of Garland (District 7)
Submitted By: Kira Wauwie

Approval of a Change in Zoning from Planned Development (PD) District 99-44 for Cluster and Patio Homes to Single-Family Attached (SFA) District (townhouses).
William F. Callejo
On February 11, 2019 the Plan Commission, by a vote of eight (8) to zero (0), recommended approval of the request as presented by staff.
Approval of the request as presented.
The existing Planned Development (PD) District 99-44 allows development of the site for cluster homes and patio homes.  At the time of its approval in 1999, Planned Development (PD) District 99-44 included a total of 6.55 acres in two tracts, one containing 1.299 acres which is the property proposed for Change in Zoning with this request; and another tract located east of the subject site containing 5.25 acres.  The total site area of the Planned Development (PD) District 99-44 property extended from Galaxie Road, east along Arapaho Road, north along Callejo Road to an alley, and west to Galaxie Road.  Neither of these properties have come forward for development. The east portion of Planned Development (PD) District 99-44 has since changed to SFA District. The proposed Change of Zoning is intended to align the adjacent property’s zoning with Single-Family Attached (SFA) (townhouse) District zoning.
The subject property contains approximately 1.29 acres with approximately 278 lineal feet of frontage along Arapaho Road and 303 linear feet of frontage along Galaxie Road.
The existing site was zoned with the intent of developing patio homes or cluster homes in Planned Development (PD) District 99-44.  That development was not implemented.
  1. This site consists of one tract which is approximately 1.29 acres.  The site is not currently developed. 
  2. The site is not currently subdivided and is a portion of the property located to the east.  More specifically, the unsubdivided property is the street block between the alley on the north, Arapaho Road on the south, and Galaxie Road to the west and Callejo Road to the east.  The existing zoning results in two zoning districts on one property, which is allowed.  However, in this case the zoning arrangement seems to have stymied development interest. 
  3. The Single-Family Attached (SFA) District is intended to promote stable, quality, attached-occupancy residential development on individual lots in logical, livable, and sustainable neighborhoods. This district may be included within certain areas of neighborhoods or, when in accordance with the intent of the Comprehensive Plan, may provide a transition district between lower density residential areas, multi-family or nonresidential areas, or major thoroughfares. 
  4. The proposal is a standard “straight-zoning”, for which development would follow the standards and allowances of the Garland Development Code. 
The Envision Garland Plan designates the subject property as Compact Neighborhoods.  Compact Neighborhoods provide areas for moderate increases in residential density, including single-family attached and single-family detached housing. It expands housing options through infill and redevelopment, while continuing walkable development patterns.  These areas provide transitions between traditional residential neighborhoods and higher density residential neighborhoods and non-residential developments. These areas accommodate uses such as convenience retail (goods and services), office space, and public services.  The architectural character and scale of these areas are compatible with adjacent residential development.  The Compact Neighborhood development type is primarily characterized as moderate residential (between six and twelve dwelling units per acre).  Non-residential sites within this category are typically up to three acres in size.

The properties to the south and north are developed for single-family residential uses compatible with this proposal.  The property to the west, across Galaxie Road, is developed for commercial and retail uses.  The property to the east is zoned for townhouse development.  The existing and zoned uses are compatible with this request.
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