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  Work Session Item 3.a.       
Meeting Date: 12/14/2020  
Item Title:    Buckingham Road Crossing Rehabilitation Agreement
Submitted By: Steve Oliver
Strategic Focus Areas: Well-Maintained City Infrastructure

The existing railroad crossing on E. Buckingham Road west of SH 78 (Lavon Drive) has settled over time and needs to be reconstructed to improve the surface travel path. This existing railroad crossing belongs to the Kansas City Southern Railway Company (KCS).
  1. Approve the attached resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement with KCS to rehabilitate the E. Buckingham Road railroad crossing. The existing track and the concrete pavement on both sides of the track will be reconstructed. The track construction will be completely performed by KCS' contractor at the City’s expense. The estimated cost of $249,035.00 must be remitted to KCS prior to the start of construction. After the track construction is complete, the City’s Arterial Concrete Repair contractor will perform the concrete pavement reconstruction. This work will provide a better riding surface for vehicles crossing the railroad track.
  2. Do nothing and traffic will continue to be impacted by the rough pavement on E. Buckingham Road at the track crossing location. 
The City Attorney’s Office has prepared the attached resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute the attached agreement with KCS to rehabilitate the Buckingham Road Railroad Crossing at the sole expense of the City of Garland. Unless otherwise directed by Council, this item will be scheduled for formal consideration at the January 5, 2021 Regular Meeting.
The railroad crossing was reconstructed in conjunction with the widening and reconstruction of Buckingham Road from First Street to SH 78 in 2001. Over time, settlement of either the existing concrete roadway pavement adjacent to the crossing or the railroad track has occurred, making the travel surface rough at any reasonable speed. As part of the effort to improve the pavement at the railroad crossing, KCS must approve any work within their right-of-way.  KCS is requiring that the railroad track and its subgrade be removed and replaced as part of the overall improvements to the roadway. Their contractor will make these improvements and then the City’s contractor will perform pavement improvements adjacent to the railroad track.
If the City Council approves this resolution, the contract with KCS will be executed and funding for the track improvements will be sent to KCS for project execution. KCS requires two to three months to purchase and receive the materials to make the track improvements. Buckingham Road must be completely closed to traffic while the KCS contractor completes this construction. The Street Department will direct the arterial concrete repair contractor, XIT Paving and Construction, Inc., to mobilize while Buckingham Road is closed to replace the concrete pavement adjacent to the railroad track.
Buckingham Road Crossing Agreement
Resolution - Buckingham Crossing


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