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Meeting Date: 02/12/2020  
Submitted By: Alma Andrade, Acting City Clerk
Focus Area: Collaboration

DISCUSSION/DECISION on approval of Resolution No. 20-1394, a Resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona, authorizing the City of Douglas to SUBMIT A FORM 2740-1 APPLICATION to the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT FOR MORE PERMANENT LEASEHOLD RIGHTS of a section of land known as the SHOOTING RANGE in Douglas, Arizona. 
The City of Douglas has been entrusted with the care of the Shooting Range on Geronimo Trail since 1986. In August 2019, the Arizona Army National Guard (AZNG) brought the attendant license/lease agreement current by executing an amendment to the original License and converting the agreement to a month-to-month lease. In the meantime, the City of Douglas seeks to enter into a more permanent arrangement with the Bureau of Land Management by way of the Form 2740-1 Application by way of the Form 2740-1 Application for continued management of the Shooting Range. 
The City of Douglas currently has possession of the Shooting Range facilitated by a Non-Exclusive License Agreement dating back to November 1986, but currently expired. The License agreement was converted to a month-to-month lease with the AZNG and currently, the Shooting Range continues to be managed for the City by the Douglas Rifle and Pistol Club (DRPC). This entity is a nonprofit corporation and is empowered to administer the Shooting Range by way of a Lease Agreement that has also expired and dates back to November 1990 and has also been functioning on a month-to-month basis. The parties plan to bring the lease agreement current as we move forward with the BLM application process toward more permanent possessory rights for the City.
The firing range gets use from many public safety agencies, as has been historically the case. Current use of the facility in large part serves the US Border Patrol, as the agency is currently the primary and most frequent user of the range.
At this time, in addition to the US Border Patrol and public use by the Douglas Rifle and Pistol Club, the following organizations also use the range facilities to conduct firearms training:
•           Arizona Game and Fish Department, Hunter Education Program
•           Arizona State Prison, Tactical Support Unit
•           Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
•           Department of the Army, Joint Task Force 6
•           Douglas Police Department
•           U.S. Army, Intelligence Electronic Warfare
•           U.S. Customs Service, Office of Field Operations
•           U.S. Customs Service, Office of Investigations
•           U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
•           U.S. Department of Homeland Security
As listed, the firing range facilities get extensive use by both the military and law enforcement agencies. 
The City of Douglas is interested in continuing the arrangement to maintain the facility as a multi-use (public and private Shooting Range) either by way of a permit or extended lease issued by BLM that meets with federal administrative requirements, and includes the implementation of an Environmental Stewardship Plan (ESP) to carry out a legally compliant management plan designed to conserve our natural resources and sustain our environment. 
Staff believes it to be appropriate to continue the current Shooting Range management arrangement, while moving forward on the suggested course of action to transfer ownership or more permanent rights to the City though the use of the BLM 2470-1 Application.

"...that the Mayor and Council approve Resolution No. 20-1394."
Res. 20-1394 Shooting Range
Shooting Range Diagram
BLM Exhibit


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