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Meeting Date: 02/12/2020  
Submitted By: Luis Pedroza, Management Services Director
Focus Area: Advance Infrastructure Development & Improvements
Advance Infrastructure Dev & Improvements Goal: Improve infrastructure systems

DISCUSSION/DECISION on approval of Resolution No. 20-1395, a Resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona, RATIFYING AND GRANTING A UTILITY EASEMENT to ARIZONA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY for installation and maintenance of electric lines, together with appurtenant facilities and fixtures at or near COPPER KING STADIUM as part of parcel number 410-14-001K and authorizing the City Manager to execute all necessary documents.
APS is requesting a utility easement to provide power to the T-Mobile cell tower located at Copper King Baseball Stadium.
The City owns the Copper King Baseball Stadium and provides a no-cost lease to Douglas Unified School District (DUSD).  DUSD maintains the field and also is in charge of the T-Mobile tower lease agreement.  APS is providing electrical to the site and requires trenching on the City’s property.  The purpose of the easement is to install the antenna on a new pole located on left center field of the baseball field. Through the agreement, parties agree to work with each other to make this happen.  APS will restore the grounds to their original form and City and DUSD will coordinate to not place any appurtenances in and around the easement.  
The easement is necessary for APS to provide power and properly maintain the service line and must use it according the attached easement agreement specifications.  The City and DUSD must also follow specs such as not placing any appurtenances in the future that could restrict access.

"...that the Mayor and Council approve Resolution No. 20-1395."

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: 2019/2020
Amount Requested: N/A
Budgeted Y/N: N/A
Account (s): N/A
Copper King Stadium Easement Resolution
APS Utility Easement


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