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Meeting Date: 02/12/2020  
Submitted By: Luis Pedroza, Management Services Director
Focus Area: Collaboration
Collaboration Strategy : Other or NA
Collaboration Goal: Other or NA

DISCUSSION/DECISION on approval of Resolution No. 20-1397, a Resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona, AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION OF A MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING between THE CITY OF DOUGLAS TRANSIT DIVISION and COPPER QUEEN COMMUNITY HOSPITAL (CQCH) to ENHANCE TRANSPORTATION SERVICES to the public within Cochise County and beyond, for the City of Douglas, Arizona.
The City of Douglas Transit Division and Copper Queen Community Hospital (CQCH) collaborated on a Memorandum of Understanding to initiate transit services to patients in need of transportation to and from doctor’s appointments at the Douglas CQCH clinic.
On November 13, 2019 we met with two local clinics Chiricahua and CQCH to discuss potential transportation options that Douglas Transit may be able to offer to address a high patient no-show experienced by both clinics.  Both clinics attributed transportation as one of the issues on the high rate in which many elderly and disabled patients may not have immediate access.
Staff provided the current Dial-a-Ride route that we operate as an option in which qualifying elderly and disabled riders can obtain a free bus pass to ride the bus to and from a desired location upon advanced notice to dispatch.  CQCH offered to assist in informing passengers of this service and pre-qualifying the patients they see at their clinics to determine eligibility for the program.  Thereafter, all referrals will be sent to Douglas Transit staff who will immediately set an appointment and transport the individuals to our office to issue them their free pass upon meeting qualifications.  Besides helping community members by providing them a transportation option to visit their doctors, this would also enhance our program by increasing ridership and better positioning the City for increased funding from SEAGO, who currently pays for the Dial-a-Ride program at about $41,000 per year through an annual award the City applies for. 
Eligibility guidelines for the program are set by the funding agency, SEAGO that qualify any 60+ member living within the Douglas/Pirtleville/Bay Acres area must provide a utility bill and picture ID.  Same conditions apply for disabled and must also bring a current social security award letter.
CQCH offered to also purchase day passes for other potential riders not meeting the qualifications at $1.50 per pass so that they may distribute at their own discretion.  Passes would only be eligible on Douglas Rides routes and not Cochise Connection.  CQCH and the City developed this MOU.  At this point in time we have not received a response from Chiricahua if they would like to participate in a similar arrangement.

The MOU will provide another partnership within the Transit system that, if successful, can be further expanded in the future if both parties see benefits.  We hope to increase the marketing of our system within the City as well so that we can promote public transportation in the City of Douglas and surrounding areas.

"...that the Mayor and Council approve Resolution No. 20-1397."

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: 2019/2020
Amount Requested: N/A
Budgeted Y/N: N
Account (s): 102-30000-341.0900
Incrase in transit fare revenue per $1.50 pass purchased by CQCH
Resolution on Transit MOU with CQ


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