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Meeting Date: 01/08/2020  
Res. 20-1386, Street Sweeping Schedule
Submitted By: Peter Gardner, Administration

DISCUSSION/DECISION on approval of RESOLUTION NO. 20-1386, a Resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona, ESTABLISHING A FORMAL STREET SWEEPING POLICY as requested by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.
ADEQ has requested that the City approve a formal street sweeping schedule as one area of documentation that demonstrates the City's attention to the air quality and environmental requirements that are reported nationally to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).    
Efforts that show our intent to comply with federal Clean Air Standards, whether we are within an attainment or non-attainment area, is very important to our state.  Larger metro areas typically lie within non-attainment areas so ADEQ has more stringent standards for those areas.  Smaller, rural areas are also monitored for compliance of PM-10 (particulate matter) and other air quality measures.

The City has been street sweeping for many years but stopped during FY 2012-13 for nearly four years.  This was due in part because the driver retired and also that parts for the aging street sweepers were nearly impossible to get.  The sweeper company eventually went out of business.  Three years ago when we purchased a new street sweeper, a Public Works employee was assigned to began doing a sweeping schedule again, with a concentration on the major arterial streets per guidance from the City Council at that time.
Based on the existing direction from a past City Council, the following street sections are swept once per month:
1. G Avenue from Pan American Avenue to International Avenue.
2. Pan American Avenue from the Port of Entry to A Avenue.
3. 5th Street from Pan American Avenue to Chino Road.
4. 8th Street from Pan American Avenue to A Avenue.
5. 9th Street from Pan American Avenue to A Avenue.
6. 10th Street from Pan American Avenue to Washington Avenue.
7. F Avenue from 14th Street to International Avenue.
8. A Avenue from SR 80 to International Avenue.

This process takes five working days.  The remaining working days each month are used to sweep all other streets on a rotating basis.  It is staff intent to complete every street within the city within all sections, other than those listed above, at least once per year.  This is due to the current staffing capacity of one street sweeper and the speed of the equipment.  In future years as the City grows and budget capacity expands, having another, faster sweeper will allow us to cover quadrants of the City quicker on a more accelerated basis. 

This matter is now before Mayor and Council for formal approval.

"...that the Mayor and Council approve Resolution No. 20-1386."
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Res. 20-1386 Street Sweeper


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