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Conference Agenda Meeting - Monday, September 14, 2020 - 9:00 a.m.
City Hall - City Commission Chambers, 100 North U.S. #1, Fort Pierce, Florida
1. Call to Order
  Mayor Hudson called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
Present: Thomas Perona, Commissioner  
  Jeremiah Johnson, Commissioner  
  Linda Hudson, Mayor  
Absent: Rufus Alexander, Commissioner
  Reginald Sessions, Commissioner
Staff Present: Linda Cox, City Clerk
Nicholas Mimms, City Manager
Peter Sweeney, City Attorney
  Commissioner Alexander joined by phone at 9:08 ap.m.
Commissioner Sessions arrived at 9:09 a.m.
4. New Business
a. A presentation by the South Florida Water Management District to propose a year-round irrigation ordinance. The District is requesting local governments to review their existing irrigation ordinance and codes for consistency with the District's Year-round Landscaping Irrigation Conservation Measures Rule, Chapter 40E-24, Florida Administrative Code.
  Ms. Peggy Arraiz, Code Compliance Manager, appeared with Robert Wanvestraut and Kathy LaMartina of the South Florida Water Management District to request that the City consider adopting an ordinance that is consistent with state law which would limit residential watering to 2 times per week.  There were some concerns regarding the responsibly for enforcement and additional regulations being imposed on our residents.  Everyone recognized the need for a strong educational campaign to explain why conservation is important to protect our future water supply.   Consensus was to move forward with an ordinance which would also apply to local governments.   Ms. Arraiz indicated that it would be prudent for the city's ordinance to mirror that of the County to avoid confusion; she will monitor the process of the County's ordinance.   She will also get information on the Florida Friendly Yard Program.
b. Presentation by Michael Broderick, Vice-Chair, City of Fort Pierce Planning Board on the Conditions of Approval for Dwelling Rentals in zoning districts that allow such uses as Conditional Uses pursuant to Code Section 125-187.
  Planning Director Jennifer Hofmeister asked for more time to fully explore the addition of insurance requirements and parking before presenting recommendations to the City Commission.  
c. Presentation by Michael Broderick, Parking Committee Chair, regarding the committee's recommendation to address parking issues involving the St. Lucie County Courthouse, two-hour parking enforcement, converting the green space in Gazebo park to multi-functional parking/event space, and the need for and location of short-term, 15-minute, pickup, and loading/unloading zones.
  Michael Broderick, Parking Committee Chairman, along with Audria Moore-Wells, Special Projects Coordinator, appeared to discuss parking committee recommendation.  The committee has met with the Downtown Business Alliance and Court and Clerk of Court staff to discuss the current parking situation.   They are considering dedicating 11 parking spaces along Indian River Drive and 2nd Street to provide dedicated parking for Sheriff Department staff.  The County is also considering dedicating spaces in the County Parking Garage.  Questions arose as to whether the spaces would be utilized by marked vehicles or personal vehicles of Sheriff Department staff.  The consensus was that we don’t have a downtown parking problem, but rather a “convenience” of parking problem.

The Downtown Business Alliance indicated that they want the parking requirements to be enforced; they also support keeping the parking to 2-hour rather than expanding the time frame in some areas.  The committee discussed utilizing the Gazebo Park as a multi-purpose area which would include parking, however the feedback has not been positive.   The committee will be evaluating loading and unloading areas as well as establishing regulations on the timing of vendor deliveries to avoid blocking the street.   The committee will be receiving additional feed from staff as to parking concerns in other areas of the city.

Ms. Moore-Wells indicated that the parking study report should be complete in November 2020 and will provide a lot of insight to be considered by the Parking Committee as they develop formal recommendations for the City Commission.   In the meantime, they will get clarification as the reserved parking for the Sheriff Department.
d. Discussion on the results of the Animal Shelter RFP.
  Peggy Arraiz, Code Compliance Manager, provided an update on the Savannah Road Animal Shelter.  She shared photographs of the great progress that is being made on the renovations.  The shelter is currently being operated by County staff, however, it is not a fully operational and open to the public.   Throughout this process, they have enjoyed tremendous partnerships with area rescues to ensure that the animals are being adopted.  Frank Amandro, St. Lucie County staff, indicated that the County has every intention of continuing its partnership with the City of Fort Pierce.

Ms. Arraiz explained that the RFP was unsuccessful, despite the significant interest and questions throughout the process.   She received valuable feedback as to why no one responded to the bid, including the need to fundraise during a pandemic and having to start a new business from scratch which is highly dependent on donations and volunteers.   Ms. Arraiz discussed three options to move in an effort to secure an operator for the shelter.  First, reissue the RFP but include phasing of the requirements which will allow an operate to get in and acclimated.   An RFQ process will allow the city to solicit offers and proposals from operators; this process takes longer because the RFP process would still need to occur.   Option 3 would allow staff to enter into direct negotiations with an organization(s) to operate the shelter on a temporary or permanent basis.  There have been some initial discussions with Treasure Coast and Indian River County Humane Societies.   Commissioner Sessions suggested that an Option 4 should also be considered in that the City and its staff may have to operate the shelter. 

Following discussion, consensus was the staff should proceed with Option 1 and Option 3 concurrently.

Any person who wishes to comment on any subject may be heard at this time. Please limit your comments to three (3) minutes or less, as directed by the Mayor, as this section of the Agenda is limited to thirty minutes. The City Commission will not be able to take any official actions under Comments from the Public. Speakers will address the Mayor, Commissioners, and the Public with respect. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  Susan Parry
6. City Commission Boards and Committees Updates
  Commissioner Alexander had no report.

Commissioner Perona indicated that the Parking Committee had received feedback on the Parklets and you either love them or hate them.   The Retirement Board has a strong investment portfolio.  The Fire Board has a $110 million budget which will move to the cap at 3%; the budget hearing is coming up.

Commissioner Sessions shared that the Sunrise Theatre Advisory Board has expressed concerns with the operations, staffing and the future of the theater.

Commissioner Johnson shared that the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council is holding virtual meetings which are going well with interesting conversations about multi-modal transportation.  Treasure Coast Council of Local Governments have also started with virtual meetings and has a good group with some new members; no report from the TPO, but Mainstreet is anxious to restart Friday Fest.   They will also be hosting a virtual reverse raffle.   Mr. Mimms reiterated that the city has no impediments to special events occurring within the city.

Mayor Hudson indicated that Coffee with the Mayor remains virtual.   Florida League of Cities policy committees beign virtually this week.   Both the Roundtable and Chamber continue to meet virtually.
7. Adjournment
  Mayor Hudson adjourned the meeting at 12:20 p.m.


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