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Parking Committee - Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - 9:00 a.m.
City Hall - Commission Chambers, 100 North U.S. #1, Fort Pierce, Florida
  Motion was made by Chairman Michael Broderick,
AYE: Tom Perona, Anton Kreisl, Dan Cushman, Doris Tillman, Gus Gutierrez, Marvin Grimsley, Chairman Michael Broderick
  Chairman Michael Broderick called the meeting to order at 9:03 A.M.
Present: Dan Cushman; Gus Gutierrez; Marvin Grimsley; Chairman Michael Broderick; Doris Tillman; Anton Kreisl; Tom Perona
Absent: David Bushea
Staff Present: Special Projects Coordinator Audria Moore-Wells
Administrative Assistant Sara Delgado
Attendees: Major Chris Cicio
William Fern
Peggy Arraiz
  Motion was made by Tom Perona, seconded by Anton Kreisl
AYE: Tom Perona, Anton Kreisl, Dan Cushman, Doris Tillman, Gus Gutierrez, Marvin Grimsley, Chairman Michael Broderick
Other: David Bushea (ABSENT)
a. Approval of Minutes from June 12, 2020 Meeting
  Motion was made by Tom Perona, seconded by Anton Kreisl to approve the minutes.
  Motion was made by Tom Perona, seconded by Anton Kreisl
AYE: Tom Perona, Anton Kreisl, Dan Cushman, Doris Tillman, Gus Gutierrez, Marvin Grimsley, Chairman Michael Broderick
Other: David Bushea (ABSENT)

Any person who wishes to comment on any subject on this Agenda may be heard at this time. Please limit your comments to no more than five (5) minutes, as this section of the Agenda is limited to thirty minutes. The Parking Committee will not be able to take any official action under “Comments from the Public” section.
a. Update on previous recommendations
  Audria Moore-Wells, Special Project Coordinator gave an update on previous recommendations:
- The proposal was received from Walker Consultants, and staff is moving forward with additional items the Committee identified.
- Tram shuttles will begin this month of July.
- We have our guests from St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office and The Clerk of Courts.
- The suggestion to use the green space at Gazebo Park as a functional parking, needs to be recommended to the Commission for their consideration as well as the Committee's agreement to open 2nd St.
- Anything that the Committee wants done or considered, it has to be presented to the Commission first for their approval and then they will give direction to staff on how to proceed.
- The Committee did not agree with extending the parking to 2.5 - 3 hour parking. This will be put in as a recommendation to the City Commission for their consideration.
- Currently working on updating the Downtown and beach parking guides with Code Enforcement.
- Chairman Michael Broderick had suggested on adding Planning Director, Jennifer Hofmeister as a non-voting member. Ms. Hofmeister can be invited to attend meetings, but members are appointed by the Commission.
- By consensus, the Committee agreed not to schedule another meeting to address agenda items. The meeting might have to extend over an hour.
a. Discussion of the parking needs for the St. Lucie County, St. Lucie County Sheriff's Major Chris Cicio and Courthouse representative William Fern
  Major Chris Cicio from the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office spoke on 2 issues in concern to parking. The first being the juror parking, jurors are very limited with their parking options. The second issue is staff parking and even though there is a County garage, the space is limited due to Judges and Judicial Assistant parking as well as police vehicles. Major Cicio requested for consideration for some additional parking alongside Indian River Drive, approximately 12 to 15 parking spaces. The Committee suggested they make a recommendation to the Commission for the Courthouse employees to use the parking along Indian River Drive.
William Fearn from the Clerk of the Circuit Court spoke on the Jury selection process and that on their highest volume day there are approximately 200-300 potential jurors per day on Monday's & Tuesday's, but only 14 to 21 jurors will be selected. It was suggested to come up with a type of placard for jurors to put in their vehicles and present it to the Commission.
Major Cicio spoke on the cars that are parked on the corner by the Magistrate window and that police vehicles park there to protect that side of the building due to security concern. Anton Kreisl suggested that the Committee make a recommendation to the Commission to have those parking spaces reserved for the Sheriff's Department as Official Use Only rather than putting out cones every day. Bollards were also mentioned as an option.
b. Parking Enforcement presentation from Code Compliance Manager, Peggy Arraiz
  Peggy Arraiz, Code Compliance Manager gave a brief presentation of how Code Enforcement is enforcing parking at this time. She mentioned that as of right now downtown parking is complaint driven. Ms. Arraiz explained the process on how the Code Enforcement Officers issue tickets, but explained that at this time parking is not being enforced due to the current situation but that it is temporary once we recover.
c. Requests for consideration from Downtown Business Association
  Audria Moore-Wells spoke on two requests from the Downtown Business Association. The first one being additional handicap spaces at the old JC Penny parking lot, the other request is to have the Tow Away Signs behind and near the Sunrise Theatre covered so that the parking spaces may be used to due to loss of parking from the parklet program. The Committee agreed on not covering the signs that Doris Tillman will liason with the Sunrise Theatre staff and go back to the Committee with an update. Anton Kreisl mentioned that the Parking Study should incorporate the handicap parking spaces and that the Committee will wait.
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 286.26, Florida Statutes, persons with disabilities needing special accommodation to participate in this meeting should contact the City Clerk’s Office at (772) 467-3065 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


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