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  Agenda Item # 11.a.       
Meeting Date: 04/01/2019  
Re:    Approval of Change Order No. 2 to Gator Dredging in the amount of $1,627.60
Submitted For: John Andrews

Approval of RFP No. 2018-004 Change Order No.2 to Gator Dredging, LLC in the amount of $1,627.60.
Change Order No.2 to RFP No. 2018-004 is a contract final quantity adjustment as required under the contract terms. The contract required final payment for dredge quantities to be based on post dredging survey data. The post dredging survey indicated 5,052 cu.yds. of material dredged from the project template which is 52 cu. yds above the orginal contract quantity of 5,000 cu. yds.. The unit price under the contract is $31.30 per cu. yd. or a net increase of $1,627.60 for the final quantity payment adjustment. 

The final contract price for marina maintenance dredging totals $427,487.60
Final change order as required under contract terms to adjust final quantity based on post dredge survey.
Edward Seissiger, Engineering Project Manager
Brett Sapp, Gator Dredging, LLC

Fiscal Impact
Budgeted Y/N: N
Fiscal Year: 2019
Account: 401-4100-575-63-20
Amount: $1,627.60
This is a required quantity adjustment in accordance with contract terms.
RFP 2018-004 Change Order No.2

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
City Manager Kaitlyn Ballard 03/26/2019 07:48 AM
City Manager Kaitlyn Ballard 03/26/2019 10:38 AM
City Manager Nick Mimms 03/26/2019 02:28 PM
Form Started By: Ed Seissiger Started On: 03/19/2019 10:31 AM
Final Approval Date: 03/26/2019


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