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  Agenda Item # 12.f.       
Meeting Date: 11/06/2017  
Re:    Conditional Use with No New Construction - Thirty-three (33) bed Adult Congregate Living Facility (ACLF)
Submitted For: Rebecca Grohall

Quasi-Judicial Hearing (waived) - Application for a Conditional Use with No New Construction, submitted by Property Owner, Hamid Slimane, and Representative, Michael Seal of Architectonic Inc., to establish a thirty-three (33) bed Adult Congregate Living Facility (ACLF) for non-transient elderly care at 614 N 7th Street, Fort Pierce, FL.  The property is zoned General Commercial (C-3). (Parcel ID 2403-712-0005-000-4).
  • The applicant, Hamid Slimane, is requesting the review and approval of Conditional Use with no new construction to establish a thirty-three (33) bed Adult Congregate Living Facility (ACLF) for non-transient elderly care at 614 N 7th Street.
  • The subject commercial complex was completed in 1989, after site plan approval as Slimane Retail Stores & Laundry. The development features a two-story, 13,902 sq. ft. commercial building, with basement, which contained a retail store, laundry, and manager's apartment.
  • The site improvement plan provides for twenty-two (22) vehicle parking spaces, of which two are handicap accessible. The parking lot to the west will be refreshed with new striping, signs, and landscaping, whereas the eastern parking area is proposed for retrofit to provide a designated location for the dumpster enclosure, a loading zone, and additional parking.
  • The renovations would entail overhaul of the top two floors in order to revamp plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, while installing new stairs, an elevator, Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System.
  • The Planning Board, at their October 10th, 2017 meeting, voted unanimously to recommend approval with the conditions presented by staff.
  • A total of 34 notifications of the proposal were mailed to the owners of property located within 500 feet of the subject property.  To-date, zero responses have been collected. A tally of the garnered responses will be provided to the City Commission at the public hearing.



Approval with the following conditions:
1) The floor plan is adjusted or the two (2) eastern most bedrooms are eliminated to ensure the ACLF use does not occupy a portion of the building located within twenty (20) feet of the right-of-way as restricted by  City Code Section 22-87;
2) The site improvements include a safe and efficient sidewalk linkage shall be provided between building entrances and parking areas, and adjacent portions of the development, and adjacent rights-of-way, pursuant to City Code Section 22-62 (b) & (d)(2) . This shall include at least one accessible route in accordance with the Florida Accessibility Code shall connect buildings to parking areas and adjacent rights-of-way;
3) The applicant integrate designated outdoor space for occupants on-site;
4) The applicant permits and completes a crosswalk at the 6th Street side of the establishment to provide safe pedestrian connectively from the site to the adjacent uses to the east;
5) A signed and sealed survey is provided with any site work permits to complete the improvements proposed; and
6) The applicant establishes a emergency management plan, consistent with Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and Florida Department of Elder Affairs  Rule 59AER17-1,  to include protocols for the facility and patients which includes the  acquisition and installation of a sufficient generator equipped to ensure ambient temperatures will be maintained at 80 degrees or less for a period of a minimum of ninety-six (96) hours in the event of the loss of electrical power, storage and safe maintenance of sufficient fuel to operate said generator(s) is provided, and a contract for services necessary to maintain and test the equipment and its functions to ensure the safe and sufficient operation of the generator system.



Approval with alternative conditions
Kori Benton, Senior Planner
Technical Review Committee

Fiscal Impact
No fiscal impact is anticipated with this application.
Staff Report
Site Aerial & Zoning Map
Application & Project Narrative
Site Improvement Plan
Floor Plans - Existing & Proposed
PB Minutes - Marked. Page 5
11.08.2017 Approval

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
City Manager Nick Mimms 11/01/2017 10:02 AM
Form Started By: kbenton Started On: 10/20/2017 11:06 AM
Final Approval Date: 11/01/2017


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