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  Agenda Item # 11.c.       
Meeting Date: 10/05/2020  
Re:    Case #19-1505 - 711 S Ocean Drive - Fond de Blanc Inc.
Submitted For: Peggy Arraiz

Approval of request to reduce code enforcement fees in the amount of $7,670.00 against 711 S Ocean Drive, Ft. Pierce, FL 34949, Parcel ID Number 2401-503-0079-000-5 owned by Fond De Blanc Inc, Jermaine Leclerc, 275 SW Lost River Road, Stuart, FL 34997.  In accordance with previously established policy, staff recomends reducing the fines to $1,200.00 payable in 90 days.  If not paid within this time period, the lien will revert to the original amount.  However, applicant is requesting a waiver of $7,650.00 leaving a balance due of $20.00 for recording fees which requires a direct vote by Commission.
Request by applicant to waive code enforcement fees due in the amount of $7,650.00 contingent upon paying the balance of $20.00 within 30 days.
The Special Magistrate, having heard the request of the owner and testimony from staff, recommends reducing the lien to $1,200.00 payable in 90 days.  If not paid within this time, the lien will revert to the original amount of $7,670.00.
Hard costs (postage, filing fees, photos) $ 67.00
Case processing (months open/inspections) $583.00
Hearing Costs $300.00
City Commission Hearing $250.00
TOTAL $1,200.00
Approve Staff's recommendation.
Determine alternative amount.
Colleen Greer, Code Enforcement Clerk.
Margaret Arraiz, Code Compliance Manager.

Fiscal Impact
Budgeted Y/N: 2020
Fiscal Year: 2020
Amount: 1200.00
$1,200.00 to the general fund.
Tax Card

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
City Manager Nick Mimms 09/23/2020 02:46 PM
Form Started By: Colleen Greer Started On: 09/21/2020 11:06 AM
Final Approval Date: 09/23/2020


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