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Meeting Date: 09/18/2018  
Contact: Letitia Shelton, Deputy City Manager

Motion by Councilmember Moore with a second by Councilmember North to approve as presented. Motion passes 6-0.
Consider an Inter-local  Purchasing Cooperative Agreement between the City of DeSoto and the Town of Sunnyvale, Texas for the Town of Sunnyvale, Texas.
An Inter-local purchasing cooperative agreement's intent is to provide government localities opportunities for greater efficiency and economy in acquiring goods and services through competitively bid vendor contracts.  This agreement  provide competitive priced solicitation and bulk purchasing for multiple government localities that yields economic benefits unobtainable by the individual localities.
Due to the high volume of purchases being made due to pooling of purchases by several cities, vendors has been able to provide prices lower than each city could have obtained seeking bids separately.  Section 271.102 of the Texas Local government Code authorizes a local government to participate in a Cooperative Purchasing Program with another local government or a local cooperative organization.
There is no financial impact for entering into a Cooperative Purchasing Interlocal Agreement.
Staff recommends Council approve an Inter-local Agreement between the Town of Sunnyvale and the City of DeSoto in a Cooperative Purchasing Program for the purpose of purchasing goods and services as provided by Section 271.102 of the Texas Local Government Code.
ILA with the City of DeSoto and The Town of Sunnyvale


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