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Meeting Date: 04/19/2022  
Submitted For: Brandon Wright Contact: Kristoff Bauer, Deputy City Manager
Also Contact: Joe Costa
Phone: 469.658.3003  

Motion by Councilmember Dr. Dinah Marks with a second by Councilmember Letitia Hughes to approved as presented, Motion passes 7-0.
Consider authorizing the Mayor and City Manager to execute the Extension of the Dallas County New Direction in Public Safety Grant Interlocal Agreement
The Safe & Health Community Strategic Priority in the Council's adopted FY 2021 Strategic Plan contains Initiative 2.2: Expedite the creation and operation of a mental health support services unit. This priority was incorporated into the following FY 2021 Business Plan Goals:
  • Goal #10: Explore the development of a regional mental health services unit with partner Best Southwest cities.
  • Goal #11: Develop and participate in programs to improve mental and physical health.
This work has continued into FY 2022 with inclusion in the City's Business plan as follows:
  • GOAL #10 Develop a Regional Mental Health Services Unit with Partner Best Southwest Cities
    • Establish a Steering Committee with partner agencies for guidance on establishing a regional unit (Complete)
    • Pursue Interlocal Agreements with partner agencies (Complete)
    • Research and procure physical workspace and facilities to house a regional team (Complete)
    • Create governance documents to define work responsibilities for regional partner agencies (Task Force Agreements Complete)
    • Distribute client/family satisfaction surveys (In Process)
    • Research additional grant funding opportunities including resubmission to Dallas County for additional/ongoing grant funding (In Process)
The Council approved the Interlocal Agreement ("ILA") with Dallas County to accept the New Directions in Public Safety Grant ("Grant") on April 6, 2021. That two-year agreement (attached) made available about $1.9 million in resources over a two-year period to implement the Crisis Assessment and Resource Engagement ("CARE") Team. The ILA became effective May 1, 2021.  The second year of that grant must be approved by the Council and Dallas County Commissioners Court and accepted by Council. The Extension of the Dallas County New Direction in Public Safety Grant Interlocal Agreement (attached) is scheduled to be considered by the Commissioners Court on April 19, 2022.

The Council approved an amendment to the ILA on June 1, 2021, specifically relating to diversity training. A lease with DeSoto Independent School District for use of Northside Elementary as offices for the CARE Team was approved on September 7, 2021. The City Manager was authorized to negotiate and execute grant sub-recipient and other agreements supporting expansion of the CARE Team program to Duncanville, Cedar Hill, Glenn Heights, and Lancaster on February 1, 2022. These agreements have been approved by partner agencies and will be fully executed before the May 1, 2022, effective dates.
The CARE Team is making progress toward the goals established by Council.  With this extension, the program will be expanded over the next few months to serve a five city area.  The cost of that expansion is supported by Dallas County through the ILA with the acceptance of the proposed renewal for a second year.
The timing of funding for this program has been challenging due to the mismatch between the grant term, May to April, and the City's fiscal year, October to September. Staff is proposing to amend the budget to place funding into a project account that can span the City's fiscal year. That budget amendment in the amount of $1,582,557 for year two of the total grant amount of $1,893,654 is included with the general budget amendments presented on this same agenda for Council consideration.
Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the Mayor and City Manager to execute the Extension of the Dallas County New Direction in Public Safety Grant Interlocal Agreement.
Dallas County New Directions in Public Safety Grant Interlocal Agreement
New Directions Grant Extension


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