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Meeting Date: 04/19/2022  
Submitted For: Sydney Elliott Contact: Sydney Elliott, Youth and Business Coordinator

Presentation on updates related to initiatives from the DeSoto Youth Master Plan
The National League of Cities (NLC) developed "Creating a Youth Master Plan" to guide municipal and community leaders in the endeavor of working with teens and youth to develop civic engagement and leadership. As a visionary guide for the future, youth master plans represent an attempt to coordinate a wide range of programs and services that ensure the development of life skills in a safe environment. A benefit of the process is that "cities, schools, young people, and other key stakeholders work together to lay the foundation for children and youth, [and] for the community as a whole (NLC, 2016:4)."
On May 18, 2021, the City Council approved the DeSoto Youth Master Plan. The Youth Master Plan (YMP) is designed to sustain youth's ability to grow and prosper into adulthood. Currently, the City of DeSoto provides extensive programming through the Parks & Recreation Department, the Public Library, and the Police Department addressing a myriad of interests and life skills necessary to support adolescents as they age. The YMP is an extension of that effort and represents a firm commitment to DeSoto's youth and an investment in their future.
Ultimately, the success and sustainability of the YMP will depend upon the ability of the City of DeSoto, the DeSoto Independent School District, primary community stakeholders, and the youth to manage, coordinate, and monitor plan elements. The City seeks to strengthen the participation and collaboration of the DeSoto Independent School System and other important community stakeholders in the continuous revision and administration of youth needs' assessment.
The Youth Master Plan examines specific performance benchmarks related to the following service categories:
  • Education
  • Youth Health and Mental Wellness
  • Life Skills and Career Readiness
  • Sports and Recreation
The chart below summarizes youth programming opportunities offered by the City of DeSoto to date:
Service Category Youth Opportunities
Education City Council Civic Engagement
Texas Municipal League Youth Advisory Summit
Youth Health and Mental Wellness Dating Violence Awareness
Multigenerational Programming
Therapeutic Programming
Life Skills and Career Readiness Science, Technology Engineering & Math Education, (STEM), Workshops
Music & Film Production 
Sports and Recreation Silent Listening Party
Middle School Night
Spring Break Game Day
Youth Sports
All Abilities (Inclusion) Programming
Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop
The City of DeSoto spends approximately $200,000 annually on youth initiatives funding. The funds are currently included in the General Fund, Creation Revolving Fund, and the Youth Sports Funds.
This item is being presented for informational purposes only. No action is required by the City Council.
City of DeSoto Youth Masterplan
Youth Master Plan Powerpoint


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