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Meeting Date: 04/02/2019  
Contact: Kathleen Shields, Managing Director of Human Resources

At the request of Mayor McCowan, and the consenus of the Council, this item was removed and will be placed on a future agenda.
Consider an Ordinance of the City of DeSoto, Texas, amending the Code of Ordinances by amending Chapter 5, Titled, "Fire Prevention and Protection" by repealing Article 5.300, Titled "Assignment Pay" in its entirety and reserving Article 5.300 for future use; providing a repealing clause; providing a severability clause; providing a savings clause; and providing for an effective date.
The Fire Department is requesting to eliminate the Assignment Pay structure of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) assignment.  This position was established due to regulations regarding Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Texas State Health Services Compliance, and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) changes in documenting and tracking narcotics.  The Department places an emphasis on quality assurance and improvement, with specific oversight for EMS delivery.  These services are currently carried out by Bryan Whitacre.  Section 143.042 of the Texas Civil Service Statute allows assignment pay for specialized Department functions. 
Staff has determined that it would be in the best interest of the Department to eliminate the assignment pay for this position and function.  It has been determined that pay for this function is now competitive with other positions in the area that are assigned and completing similar duties.  This is due to our new and revised pay structures which resulted in significant increases for all positions.
Financial impact is a $7313.43 annual savings.
Staff recommends Council approve an Ordinance eliminating Assignment Pay for the performance of EMS duties in the Fire Department, for savings in the amount of $7,313.43 annually.


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