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Meeting Date: 09/03/2019  
Contact: Scott Kurth, Municipal Judge

Consider designation of the Court Seal as the seal of the DeSoto Municipal Court.
Section 45.012 (g) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure requires that the DeSoto Municipal court "have a court seal, the impression of which must be attached to all papers issued out of the court except subpoenas, and which must be used to authenticate the official acts of the clerk and of the recorder. A court seal may be created by electronic means, including optical imaging, optical disk, or other electronic reproduction technique that does not permit changes, additions, or deletions to an original document created by the same type of system."

The origin of the seal currently used by the DeSoto Municipal Court is undetermined. (See the current seal on Attachment 1). As of 1999, the Texas Government Code, Section 30.000125 requires that: (a); The governing body shall provide each municipal court of record with a seal. The seal's appearance and use must substantially conform to Article 45.02, Code of Criminal Procedure, but must include the phrase "Municipal Court of Texas." To comply with the law as well as to update the seal of the Municipal Court, the Court Services Department requests that the City Council designate the seal depicted in Attachment 2 to the Agenda Item as the Seal of the DeSoto Municipal Court.
The designation by the City Council of the new court seal (See Attachment 2) will allow the court to update/modernize the court seal and comply with Sections 30.000125 of the Texas Government Code and Section 45.012 (g) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.
There will be no financial impact to the City.
Staff recommends Council designate the Court Seal as the seal of the DeSoto Municipal Court.
Old Court Seal
New Court Seal


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