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Meeting Date: 10/19/2021  
Contact: Brandon Wright, City Manager

Motion by Councilmember Hughes with a second by Mayor Pro Tem Byrd to approve as presented. Motion passes 7-0.
Consider authorizing the City Manager to amend CARES Act funding allocations to Dallas County to support existing COVID-19 relief programs to ensure the timely expenditure of grant funding
On June 2, 2020, the DeSoto City Council approved an Interlocal Agreement with Dallas County for the distribution of CARES Act funding to the City of DeSoto for COVID-19 related programs. At that time, an ad hoc committee was established for the purpose of providing recommendations to the City Council for potential relief programs to assist the DeSoto Community. On January 26,2021 and October 1, 2021, the ad hoc committee met to consider ways to reallocating remaining funding to ensure the timely use of the grant dollars. 

The City of DeSoto has offered community relief programs to the DeSoto community resulting in several successful programs. Below is a summary of previously approved programs: 
  1. Residential Assistance Program  $814,139.45
    • 145 applicants assisted with an average payout of $4,900
  2. Business Assistance Program  $490,351.66
    • 52 applicants assisted with an average payout of $19,040
  3. Food Pantry Assistance Program  $181,410
    • 4 applicant organizations assisted
      • Round 1 Amount: $19,000
      • Round 2 Amount: $23,250
  4. DeSoto ISD Distance Learning Assistance Program  $299,697.80
    • 753 computers and 8,000 headphones purchases to assist DeSoto ISD
  5. WiFi Access Program  $75,000
    • WiFi access to be installed at Zeiger Park and Briarwood Park
  6. Marketing Assistance Programs  $100,000
    • More than 1 million impressions
    • iHeart, Spotify, and Audio Go advertisements
    • More than 250,000 Spanish language impressions
    • 4 Billboard locations
  7. Business Training Support Program  $50,000
    • 35 small businesses assisted
  8. Vaccination Assistance Program  $615,401.10
    • Due to other grant reimbursements and Dallas County operation of local vaccination sites, all of DeSoto's costs related to vaccination assistance has been covered through other sources. 
  9. City-incurred Cost Reimbursement Program  $300,000
As the CARES Act deadline approaches, the City has approximately $675,000 remaining to allocate prior to the end of the calendar year. The remaining funding is primarily reallocated from the Vaccination Assistance Program ($615,401.10), Business Training Support Program ($54,000), and the WiFi Access Program (14,700). This remaining allocation is recommended to increase the following existing programs by the following amounts. The funding will provide additional assistance to the 4 DeSoto Food Pantries assisting DeSoto residents as well as reimburse the City for its second year of eligible City-incurred costs such as the City's increased overtime costs due to the COVID response to maintain staffing levels during quarantine periods, COVID-19 related leave, unemployment costs, equipment, cleaning supplies, etc. 
  1. Food Pantry Assistance Program  $200,000
  2. City-incurred Cost Reimbursement Program  $475,000
CARES Act funding is provided through the Federal Government and administered by Dallas County. The City of DeSoto is not required to provide any matching funds for this grant. 
Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the City Manager to amend CARES Act funding allocations to Dallas County to support existing COVID-19 relief programs to ensure the timely expenditure of grant funding


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