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Meeting Date: 10/19/2021  
Submitted For: Tom Figert Contact: Jarrod Wright, Assistant IT Manager

Motion by Councilmember Marks with a second by Mayor Pro Tem Byrd to approve as presented. Motion passes 7-0.
Consider authorizing the City Manager to negotiate and execute a purchase contract with Dell, Inc for the purchase of 106 computers at a total cost of $196,971.40
In the 1990's, the DeSoto City Council authorized the establishment of an Electronic Equipment Replacement Fund (“EERF”). This fund is managed by the Information Technology Department and is designed to ensure the scheduled replacement of the City’s electronic infrastructure including desktop and portable computers, tablets, servers, network hardware, enterprise software, and telephone equipment.

By replacing these items on a regularly scheduled basis, the City ensures the reliability and consistent performance of the IT infrastructure over time, enhancing staff productivity and citizen service. To ensure high uptime and quick repair turnaround, the IT Department maintains full manufacturer service contracts on all computers, network equipment, and servers in the replacement program.

Approximately 500 devices are funded for replacement in the EERF. The scheduled replacement period varies by device, ranging from four years for portable high-wear items such as laptop computers to eight years for static network hardware installed in controlled environments.
The IT department maintains a uniform hardware environment, and for nearly two decades has recommended and purchased Dell enterprise-grade computers for general staff use. These machines are engineered to a higher standard than consumer products and are designed for heavy use in office environments. New machines are configured to ensure a balance of sustained high performance versus cost over their scheduled service lives. For FY 2022, the replacement schedule calls for renewing 38 general-use staff desktop computers, 23 staff laptops, and 20 public-use computers for the DeSoto Public Library. The City Manager approved additional funding to replace the remaining 25 library public computers not in the EERF, bringing the total count to 106.

The Texas Department of Information Resources (“Texas DIR”) provides fully vetted and pre-negotiated contracts with hundreds of IT vendors. These contracts are reviewed and put out to bid regularly, allowing Texas municipalities and other agencies to purchase electronic equipment and software at fixed, discounted prices without engaging the expensive and time-consuming process of individual competitive bidding. Dell, Inc. is one of the manufacturers with whom Texas DIR has negotiated contracts for products and services.

The IT Department is mindful of the need to manage the EERF conservatively, maximizing every tax dollar spent. To that end, IT staff engaged in multiple negotiations with Dell, requiring that the company reduce DeSoto’s pricing below DIR list. As a result, the City received an additional concession of 26.4 percent, saving taxpayers $70,791.11 on this purchase against the $267,762.51 contract price required on DIR-TSO-3763 / 75AHH.
The final DIR-compliant cost for the computers and laptops is $196,971.40. Funds are available and budgeted in the Electronic Equipment Replacement Fund (412) for the replacements.
Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a purchase contract with Dell, Inc for the purchase of 106 computers at a total cost of $196,971.40.
DIR Dell Contract


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