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Meeting Date: 09/21/2021  
Contact: Amy Mathews
File Number: Z-1448-21  
Date Filed: 07/09/2021  
Location: 715 E. Beltline Road
Size of Request: 9.7 acres  
Number of Lots: 1  
Current Zoning: PD-134
Applicant: Dave Martin  
Owner: Dave Martin

Conduct a Public Hearing and consider an Ordinance for Zoning Case Z-1448-21 to amend Planned Development-134 (PD-134) with base zoning of Single Family Attached (SFA) to allow for some deviations regarding the number of proposed units. The property is located on 715 and 735 E. Belt Line Road and consists of 9.7 acres. Applicant/Owner: Dave Martin
The property is generally located at the northwest corner of Polk Street and Belt Line Road and is currently vacant. Access is from Beltline Road through proposed Terri Drive and Hilma Drive. The property is currently zoned Planned Development-134 (PD-134).

Current zoning for the surrounding properties is:
  • North: Single Family-8 (SF-8)
  • East: Single Family-10 (SF-10)
  • South: Planned Development-176 (PD-176)
  • West: Single Family-10 (SF-10)

The existing zoning, Planned Development-134 (PD-134), was initially approved in 2016 for an age-restricted (55+) single-family attached (SFA) development for 42 multi-story units, with a maximum height of 3-stories. The PD was amended in 2020 to reduce the height from three (3) to two (2) stories and increase the number of units to 58. The owner/applicant is now requesting to increase the number of units to 64 and replace some of the 3-bedroom units with 1-bedroom units. Additionally, all of the units will now be a single story. 

All two-bedroom and three-bedroom homes will now be 50' wide. The lavender colored homes shown on the attachment are two-bedroom or the larger 3-bedroom homes and have a two-car attached garage. Since these are all one-story, the three-bedroom home has a larger, deeper footprint. All the homes shown in yellow on the plan are one-bedroom with a one-car attached garage. There are no changes to the parking per home type, just the number of homes. 
The applicant has requested the following deviations from Planned Development-134 (PD-134):
Existing Zoning Requirements Proposed Zoning Requirements
58 lots 64 lots 
Minimum lot width 60’ with certain lots listed in PD-134 at 30’  Minimum lot width 50’ for 2- and 3-bedroom homes and 30’ for 1 bedroom homes per Site Plan
Homes with lot width 60’ shall have 2 enclosed parking spaces. Homes with lot width 30’ shall have 1 enclosed space Homes with lot width 50’ shall have 2 enclosed parking spaces. Homes with lot width 30’ shall have 1 enclosed space per Site Plan
Staff notified property owners within 200 feet and published the “Notice of Public Hearing” as required by law. Twenty (20) notices were mailed to adjoining property owners. Zero (0) replies were received in favor and zero (0) replies were received in opposition.
Staff Recommendation: The applicant is requesting minor revisions to a previously approved PD (PD-134), which will result in six (6) more units. The original PD and previous amendment both included multi-story, age-restricted units. The proposed amendment now includes all single-story units, which is a better design for an age-restricted development; therefore, staff recommends approval of the proposed amendment to PD-134.
P&Z Recommendation: The Planning & Zoning commission recommended approval by a vote of 5:1.
Motion by Councilmember Hughes with a second by Councilmember Brown-Patrick to approve as presented. Motion fails 5-2.
Z-1448-21 Attachments
PD-134 Ordinance


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