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Meeting Date: 09/07/2021  
Submitted For: Brandon Wright Contact: Kristoff Bauer, Deputy City Manager

Motion by Councilmember Hughes with a second by Mayor Pro Tem Byrd to approve as presented. Motion passes 7-0.
Consider authorizing the City Manager to negotiate and execute of a lease with DeSoto Independent School District for use of Northside Elementary
The City of DeSoto initiated the Crisis Assessment & Resource Engagement ("CARE") Team to extend prevention and postvention services, including providing or identifying appropriate resources and services to individuals experiencing behavioral health situations.  The goal of this program is to lessen the frequency of crisis interventions that require a police patrol response, emergency hospitalization, or arrest/incarceration. 
The City of DeSoto was awarded the Dallas County New Directions Public Safety ("New Directions") Grant. This grant was created to address the crisis of criminalization of mental health, poverty, and homelessness by utilizing alternatives to police response and incarceration to more appropriately address the needs of Dallas County residents. DeSoto's grant application proposed the pilot of a Regional CARE Team composed of a team lead police officer, a paramedic, a social worker/counselor, and a victim’s assistance coordinator serving each partner community.  The City has hired a Regional CARE Team Coordinator consistent with the New Directions Grant and is beginning the process of forming the governance for a regional team.
The personnel for this effort are currently housed in cubical located in a portion of the DeSoto Library.
The CARE Team is outgrowing its current location.  That location is not capable of housing the additional staff expected to be provided by partner agencies as the regional effort begins.  The New Directions Grant includes funding for the lease of space to house the regional effort.
Chief Costa approached the DeSoto Independent School District ("DeISD") about the use of Northside Elementary (525 Ray Ave) for the CARE Team regional initiative.  DeISD has agreed to the proposed lease making the space available on very favorable terms.
Key Terms:
Term:  Initial term October to May (consistent with the current New Directions Grant) with annual renewals.  Either party has the option to exercise a no-fault termination option on 90 day advance notice.
Rent:  The City will reimburse DeISD for the actual cost of utilities for the building and any cleaning or maintenance requested for the area of the building being used by the City (Premises).
All costs will be supported by the New Directions Grant.  No matching funds from the City are required.
Staff recommends that Council authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute of a lease with DeSoto Independent School District for use of Northside Elementary substantially in the form of the proposed lease attached.
Proposed Lease for Northside Elementary


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