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Meeting Date: 09/07/2021  
Contact: Amy Mathews
File Number: Z-1449-21  
Date Filed: 06/11/2021  
Location: 803 East Parkerville Road
Size of Request: 50.35 Acres  
Number of Lots: 4 Lots  
Current Zoning: Single Family-12 (SF-12)
Applicant: Michael Westfall  
Owner: David Hargrove

Conduct a Public Hearing and consider an Ordinance for Zoning Case Z-1449-21 for a change in zoning from Single Family-12 (SF-12) to a Planned Development-186 (PD-186) for Single Family-12, Single Family-9, Single Family-8 and Multi-Family uses. The property is located at 803 East Parkerville Road and contains four (4) lots consisting of 50.35 acres. Applicant is Michael Westfall and Property Owner is David Hargrove.
The applicant submitted a similar case to the Planning and Zoning Commission in August 2020 and ultimately the applicant decided to withdraw from the City Council agenda in October 2020. 

The property consists of four (4) lots and is located on the northeast corner of South Polk Street and East Parkerville Road. 

The applicant is proposing a Planned Development (PD) comprised of Single Family-12, Single Family-9, Single Family-8, and Multi-Family uses. The current zoning south of Parkerville Road is Agricultural and the zoning west of Polk Street is Planned Development-74, which consists of single family and multi-family.

The Aerial Map shows the property to have two (2) single family homes located east of Polk Street, with the remainder of the property being vacant. The property located north of the subject property is vacant; the property located southeast of the subject property along Parkerville Road is developed with a church; the property located west of the church is developed with a single family residence; the property located south of the subject property across Parkerville Road is developed with single family homes; and the property located west of Polk Street is developed with the Huntington Ridge and Bellwether Ridge apartment complexes.

The site plan shows the proposed layout for the development. The development contains eleven (11) Single Family-12 lots (indicated in blue on exhibit A), twenty (20) Single Family-9 lots (indicated in green on exhibit A), and forty-six (46) Single Family-8 lots.

The northwest and southwest portion of the proposed development includes approximately 21.57 acres of proposed Multi-Family development. The multi-family units are all individual detached units, with the exception of 36 units that are in groups of two (2), similar to patio homes and duplexes. The developer is voluntarily restricting the number of proposed units per acre to eight (8) per acre rather than the maximum of eighteen (18) per acre currently allowed per the Zoning Ordinance for multi-family developments. The applicant is proposing four (4) ponds within the development. The site plan shows two access points on Parkerville Road for the Single Family portion and two access points from Polk Street for the proposed multi-family portion.

The site plan indicates a controlled access gate between the Single Family and Multi-Family. The applicant has indicated that the residents of the multi-family section and single family will have access to these gates and will have shared access to use the trails around the ponds.

The applicant has also provided a driveway exhibit indicating which lots will have front, rear, or j-entry (see exhibit B).

The applicant is requesting the following deviations:

Single Family-12
1) Alleys are not required for single family lots
2) All garages shall be side entry or "J" entry

Single Family-9
1) Alleys to be provided as shown in Driveway Exhibit
2) Front Entry garages are allowed. Minimum 40% (11 lots) shall have side entry or "J" entry garage

Single Family-8
1) Alleys to be provided as shown in Driveway Exhibit
2) Front Entry garages are allowed.
3) Minimum Lot Area = 6,000 SF
4) Minimum Lot Width = 50'
5) Minimum Side Yard = 5'

1) Dwelling units not to exceed 8 units per acre.
2) Screening will not be required adjacent to residential zoning except as shown on the Exhibit A.  
3) Building separation 10' for buildings less than 2,000 sf
4) Refuse shall be by a private trash service with a single compactor location
5) Open storage is prohibited except for materials for the resident's personal use or consumption, i.e. firewood, gardening materials, etc.)
6) 35% of the required parking spaces shall be covered or enclosed.
7) A detailed Site Plan will be submitted prior to the Multifamily development and the PD will be amended.

The applicant verified with the Building Official and Fire Marshal that a Building separation of 10' for buildings less than 2,000 sf can be permitted for this proposed development.

Regarding the multi-family proposed section of this development, if approved, staff will require a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) to ensure the number of units are limited. The Traffic Impact Analysis would be completed upon the submittal of a detailed site plan to amend this planned development for the multi-family section.

Open Space

The applicant has provided open space of approximately 10.35 acres for the entire development.
Staff notified property owners within 200 feet and published "Notice of Hearing" as required by law.  Twenty-four (24) notices were mailed to adjoining property owners. Zero (0) replies were received in favor and zero (0) replies were received in opposition.
The overarching Land Use Goal in the Comprehensive Plan is “To achieve a balance of land uses that will provide and protect the desired quality of life, and recognize the natural features that make DeSoto a wonderful place to live, work and visit.” The Comprehensive Plan identifies the subject area as low-density single-family residential. 

The proposed development provides a mixture of housing choices, including low and high density units, substantial trails, and aesthetic open space for the future residents. The development is designed for the multiple zoning districts act as a buffer or transition between the denser multi-family and less dense single family districts.  Staff believes the mixture of housing choices will benefit the City and therefore recommends approval of this request. 

Motion by Councilmember Chism with a second by Councilmember Raphiel to deny as presented. Motion passes 6-1.
Attachments for Case Z-1440-21
Ordinance for PD-186


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