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Meeting Date: 09/07/2021  
Contact: Amy Mathews
File Number: Z-1428-20  
Date Filed: 10/13/2020  
Location: 717 and 721 Franklin Street
Size of Request: 23,800 square feet  
Number of Lots: 3  
Current Zoning: Commercial-1 (C-1)
Applicant: Miguel Giron  
Owner: Miguel Giron

Conduct a Public Hearing and consider an Ordinance granting an SUP for Zoning Case Z-1428-20 for a Specific Use Permit (SUP 295) for an Automobile Repair Shop, Major. The property in question is located at 717 and 721 Franklin Street and consists of three (3) lots and 0.825 acres.  The applicant and owner is Miguel Giron. 
The Concept Plan shows the major automobile repair shop is proposing three (3) service bays within a 6,000 square foot building.  The site also has 19 parking spaces, including one (1) handicapped space. Cars will be able to access the bays through the front parking area (east side of property) and continue through the bays to the opposite side of the building (west) to exit, if needed. The rear (west) of the site is designed to be open to staff only and can be accessed from the gated lane on the south side of the building. The gate will be locked at night.  Elevations are attached to show the location of the bays and basic building design, but complete plans will be reviewed and approved by Building Inspections at the time of permitting. 

The proposed business is considered an auto repair major use in the Zoning Ordinance based on the repairs they offer, including but not limited to engine repair and oil/fluid changes. The specific definition is listed below for reference.
AUTOMOBILE REPAIR, MAJOR- General repair or reconditioning of engines, air-conditioning systems and transmissions for motor vehicles; wrecker service; collision services, including body, frame or fender straightening or repair; customizing; painting; vehicle steam cleaning; undercoating and rustproofing; those uses listed under "Automobile Repair, Minor"; and other similar uses.  The use requires a specific use permit (SUP) in the C-1 zoning district.

Staff notified property owners within 200 feet and published the Notice of Public Hearing as required by law. 54 notices were mailed to adjoining property owners, zero (0) replies were received in favor and zero (0) replies were received in opposition.
The project area is shown to be Commercial in the Comprehensive Plan. This is defined as land use that can be a combination of service uses, automobile related uses, and transportation uses. Businesses engaged in warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing are envisioned for this type of land use. It also includes business establishments that primarily provide services such as automobile service stations, self-storage businesses, and repair shops. Staff believes the current request is in line with the Comprehensive Plan; and therefore recommends approval of the project. 

Motion by Mayor Pro Tem Byrd with a second by Councilmember Hughes to approve (with stated stipulations) as presented. Motion passes 7-0.
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