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Meeting Date: 08/17/2021  
Contact: Kathy Jones, Community Relations Manager/PIO

Consider accepting the Proposed Arts Policy and Guiding Principles for DeSoto's Cultural Arts Master Plan.
DeSoto's Cultural Arts Master Plan consultant presented the final draft of the proposed Arts Policy and Guiding Principles for the City of DeSoto Cultural Arts Master Plan to the Arts Commission at their August 2, 2021 meeting.  The Arts Commission voted to accept the Policy and Guiding Principles document as presented.
These Arts Program Policies will guide the work of the City in the implementation of the programs identified in the DeSoto Cultural Arts Master Plan.  They establish the programs and processed for the implementation thereof.  Ms. Reese will make a presentation and be available to answer questions.

The Arts Policy and Guiding Principles include:
  1.  A vision, mission, and equity statement for the City of DeSoto Cultural Arts Program
  2. Guiding principles for the Cultural Arts Program
  3. Policies and standards for the Cultural Arts Program including:
    1. Grant Making/Contracting Categories for:
      1. The DeSoto Artists Lab
      2. Organizational Development Grants
      3. Arts and Cultural Project Grants
      4. Arts Education Program Grants
      5. A Public Art Program
    2. It also includes:
      1. A Grant Application Review and Contracting Process
      2. Establishment of a Grant Review Panel
      3. An Outline of the Role and Responsibilities of the DeSoto Arts Commission 
      4. A Plan for Rolling out the Program to the Public
Funding for implementation of the FY2021-22 phase of the Cultural Arts Master Plan Policy and Guiding Principles is included in Fund 221 - Arts Grants 221-55210-001-001.
The DeSoto Arts Commission recommends that the City Council accept the Arts Policy and Guiding Principles for the City of DeSoto Cultural Arts Master Plan as presented.
Policy & Guiding Principles Arts Master Plan


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