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Meeting Date: 01/04/2022  
Submitted For: Brandon Wright Contact: Kristoff Bauer, Deputy City Manager
Also Contact: Matt Smith
Phone: (972)230-9695  

Motion by Councilmember Marks with a second by Councilmember Chism to approve as presented. Motion passes 6-0.
Consider authorizing the City Manager to negotiate and execute a contract with Nelco for renovating and equipping the City's Government Access Studio in an amount not-to-exceed $135,000

The City receives revenue from cable franchise fees to support Public, Education, and Government (PEG Funds) access channel operation. This funding is restricted to capital expenditures on equipment and infrastructure that supports the operation of one of these channels. The City of DeSoto operates a government access channel. The equipment for that operation is located adjacent to the Council Chambers in City Hall. The last major use of PEG Funds was to outfit the Council Chambers with cameras, lighting, and other equipment to support broadcasting meetings from that location.

The City also has a studio space located in the Civic Center across from the Bluebonnet rooms. That space hasn’t been utilized for some time as the equipment is out of date and not connected or compatible with the upgraded equipment installed adjacent to the Council Chambers. The City has been using the cameras in the Council Chambers instead for broadcast-quality video.  The Council Chambers space provides very limited opportunities to effectively record or live broadcast small group discussions.  Further, there currently is no effective option for live broadcast of events located elsewhere in City Hall, such as the Bluebonnet rooms for example.


Nelco Media is located in San Antonio and focuses on the design, installation, training, and support of audio/visual systems.  They have completed successful government access studio projects for the City of San Angelo, Texas. They were identified when City staff reached out to peer organizations seeking a resource that was not only a reseller of video equipment, but that also had the ability to design and train on systems that could be used by limited and lightly trained staff. Nelco was highly recommended by members of the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (TAMIO).

Nelco has also completed projects for St. John's University, the San Antonio Independent School District, and other local school districts and churches. Other clients include Microsoft, the NBA, Tim McGraw, Blaze TV, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the NFL. Nelco has also produced TV Broadcasts for the MTV Video Music Awards, NBA Entertainment, the National Hockey League, and Caesars Entertainment. They are proficient in both designing studio spaces and specifying broadcast needs. 

The proposal that has been prepared and is recommended has been designed to be operated by a single person and easy and intuitive to operate. One feature enhancement of the system is the ability to utilize the City’s existing network to place cameras in locations throughout City Hall, such as the Bluebonnet rooms, to switch, record, and control the broadcast from the studio space.

The current Capital Improvement Plan anticipates the appropriation of $150,000 in PEG Funds in FY 2022 for this purpose. These funds are restricted and can only be used for capital expenditures to support the City's Government Access channel. The estimated cost for the proposed work is $122,608.97. Staff is recommending a contingency of just over 10% for a contract total of $135,000.

The City is estimated to have in excess of $300,000 in PEG Funds remaining after this project is completed.
Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a contract with Nelco for renovating and equipping the City's Government Access Studio in an amount not-to-exceed $135,000.
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