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Meeting Date: 12/07/2021  
File Number: Z-1454-21  
Date Filed: 08/25/2021  
Location: 900 East Parkerville Road and 1100 Sherry Lane
Size of Request: 29.33  
Number of Lots: 2  
Current Zoning: Single Family-12 (SF-12) and Commercial -1 (C-1)
Applicant: Bannister Engineering, LLC  
Owner: Harlan Properties Inc.

Conduct a Public Hearing and consider an Ordinance for Zoning Case Z-1454-21 to rezone the property from Single Family-12 (SF-12) and Commercial-1 (C-1) zoning to Planned Development-189 (PD-189) with a base zoning of Single Family-8 (SF-8) with some deviations and Commercial-1(C-1). The property is located at 900 East Parkerville Road and 1100 Sherry Lane on 29.33 acres. Applicant: Bannister Engineering, LLC and Property Owner: Harlan Properties Inc.
Item Tabled at the 11/16/2021 City Council Meeting
This item was presented at the November 16, 2021 City Council Meeting and the public hearing was opened to allow citizen, applicant, staff, and City Council questions and commentary. The main concern discussed was density and lot size. The applicant was asked if the layout could be modified to include some larger lots. The applicant has provided a revised lot layout (attached) that shows 91 single-family lots, down from the 95 shown on the previous plan (also attached). The 20 larger lots (all 10,000-square feet and larger) are shown in orange on the revised plan. Another concern discussed was garage orientation since the request includes no alleys, and the revised ordinance (attached) states that a minimum of all 15% of the single-family lots will be required to have either a J-swing or side entry garage. The applicant also agreed to increase the minimum dwelling size and provide a playground in the open spaces as shown on Exhibit “C”. 

Staff Report
The applicant is requesting to rezone from Single Family-12 (SF-12) and Commercial-1 (C-1) to a Planned Development (PD) for a single-family development with a base zoning of Single Family-8 (SF-8) without alleys and Commercial-1 (C-1). The portion of the current C-1 zoning within the project area allows for a second access to the overall site. 

As shown on the vicinity map, the property is generally located at the northeast corner of Polk Street and East Parkerville Road and as shown on the Aerial exhibit, the property is currently vacant. The zoning exhibit shows the current zoning for the property is Single Family-12 (SF-12) and Commercial-1 (C-1), and current zoning for the surrounding properties is:
  • North: Planned Development -127 (PD-127) and General Retail (GR)
  • East: Single Family-12 (SF-12) and Commercial-1 (C-1)
  • South: Agricultural (A)
  • West: Planned Development-127 (PD-127) 

The Site Plan shows a proposed single-family development and commercial uses. The development will have access from East Parkerville Road through Hal Senior Drive and I-35 through Sherry Lane. The proposed commercial uses are located near Sherry Lane. A detention pond is shown on the northeast portion of the property on the open space lots along with proposed trails, tree preservation, and space for of a playground for residents.

As previously mentioned, the applicant is now proposing 20 lots that are over 10,000-square feet in size, with the remaining to lots all sized over 8,000-square feet. The smallest lot is 8,050-square feet, the largest lot is 24,211-square feet, and the average lot size is 9,609-square feet. Single Family-8 (SF-8) has a minimum dwelling unit area requirement of 1,550-square feet; however, the applicant is proposing to increase that to 2,000-square feet. The proposal includes the following deviations from the base zoning Single Family-8 (SF-8):
Existing Zoning Requirements (SF-8) Proposed
All driveways connect to an alley All driveways connect to a street
No front entry garages permitted Front entry garages permitted

In 2020, a proposal for a Planned Development (PD) on the subject property was denied. The previous project proposed 265 townhome units, 17 duplex units, and four (4) commercial lots. The density for the current proposal is roughly 1/3 that of the previous request.  
Staff notified property owners within 200 feet and published “Notice of Public Hearing” per State law. Twenty (20) notices were mailed to adjoining property owners. No replies were received in favor and one (1) reply was received in opposition stating concern with the property not being developed under the current zoning.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION: The overarching Land Use Goal in the Comprehensive Plan is “To achieve a balance of land uses that will provide and protect the desired quality of life and recognize the natural features that make DeSoto a wonderful place to live, work, and visit.” The Comprehensive Plan displays the subject area as “Low Density Residential," which calls for single-family detached residential structures. Typically speaking, low density residential land uses will include homes located on 8,000 square foot lots and greater. This land use is exemplified by the density and character of many residential neighborhoods throughout the City. Therefore, staff recommends approval as the proposed Planned Development (PD) aligns with the Comprehensive Plan.

PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION: The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend approval of the Planned Development (PD) as presented by a vote of 5 to 1.

Z-1454-21 Attachments
Z-1451-21 Ordinance


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