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DeSoto City Council Meeting Agenda
City Council Conference Room and City Council Chamber
Jim Baugh Government Center
DeSoto City Hall       211 E. Pleasant Run Road
DeSoto, TX 75115    (972) 230-9646
Mayor Curtistene S. McCowan
Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore III
Councilmember Kay Brown-Patrick
Councilmember Nicole Raphiel
Councilmember Andre' Byrd, Sr.
Councilmember Dinah Marks 
Councilmember Candice Quarles

DATE:  Tuesday, October 1, 2019

WORK SESSION:   6:00pm Council Conference Room

REGULAR SESSION:   7:00pm Council Chambers
As authorized by Section 551.071(2) of the Texas Government Code, this meeting may be convened into closed Executive Session for the purpose of seeking confidential legal advice from the City Attorney on any agenda item listed herein.
1.   Review of Master Calendar of Events and Special Meetings
2.   Review of Regular Agenda items
3.   Inland Port Transportation Management Association Update
4.   Status of Paid Parental Leave Policy and Program Click to View
5.   Discussion of Dallas County Major Capital Improvement Plan (MCIP) 7th Call for projects Click to View
6.   Discussion to consider an Ordinance of the City of DeSoto, Texas, amending the Code of Ordinances by amending Chapter 4 Titled "Business Regulations" by adding a new Article 4.2000 titled "Short-Term Rentals" for the purpose of establishing regulations to monitor the use of residential dwelling units as short-term rentals; and amending Chapter 11 titled "Taxation" by amending Article 11.200 titled "Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax" by amending Section 11.202 titled "Definitions" and by amending Section 11.203 titled "Collection" to include short-term rentals. Click to View
7.   Discussion to consider an Ordinance of the City of DeSoto, Texas, amending the Code of Ordinances by amending Appendix A titled "Fee Schedule" by adding Article 34.000 Titled "Short-Term Rental Registration Fee" by setting forth the fee for the registration of a short-term rental and the fee for renewal of the registration. Click to View
1.   Announcement of emergency procedures and exits: Fire Department
2.   Invocation by:  Senior Pastor Brian X. Phelps, Church of the Disciple
3.   Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Councilmember Dinah Marks
4.   Introduction of Ambassador:  Shamika Johnson, Dispatch Department
1.   Legislative Update provided by State Representative Carl Sherman. Click to View
2.   Presentation from the National Weather Service's Fort Worth Office to designate the City of DeSoto as a Storm Ready Community. Click to View
The City Council invites citizens to address the Council on any topic not already scheduled for Public Hearing.  Citizens wishing to speak should complete a "Citizen Response Card" and present it to the City Secretary prior to the meeting.  Speakers are limited to 3 minutes.  In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, the City Council cannot take action on items not listed on the agenda.  However, your concerns may be addressed by City Staff, placed on a future agenda, or responded to by some other course.
Items are listed on the Consent Agenda by the City Manager and are recommended to the City Council for single vote approval. An item( s) may be removed from the Consent Agenda for separate vote at the request of a Councilmember, the Mayor, or the City Manager.
1.   Approval of Minutes
a.   City Council Meeting Minutes
August 20, 2019
Click to View
b.   Domestic Violence Advisory Commission Meeting
March 20, 2019
Click to View
c.   Domestic Violence Advisory Commission Meeting
May 17, 2019
Click to View
d.   Domestic Violence Advisory Commission Meeting
June 19, 2019
Click to View
e.   Domestic Violence Advisory Commission Meeting
July 17, 2019
Click to View
f.   Domestic Violence Advisory Commission Meeting
August 21, 2019
Click to View
g.   Civil Service Meeting Minutes
April 14, 2019
Click to View
2.   Other Items
a.   Consider confirmation of Machele Johnson to the Planning and Zoning Commission Click to View
b.   Consider confirmation of Scott McDonald to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Click to View
c.   Consider confirmation of Andreana Coleman to the Planning and Zoning Commission Click to View
d.   Consider confirmation of Entaune Tyson to the Park Development Corporation. Click to View
e.   Consider confirmation of Althea Satterfield White to the Park Development Corporation. Click to View
f.   Consider confirmation of Pierette Parker to the Park Development Corporation. Click to View
g.   Consider confirmation of Lisa Speaks to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Click to View
h.   Consider confirmation of Hannah Hodge to the Library Advisory Board. Click to View
i.   Consider confirmation of Jennifer R. Smith to the Library Advisory Board. Click to View
j.   Consider award of contract to Dearborn Life Insurance for Employee Insurance Coverage for Plan Year 2020. Click to View
k.   Consider award of annual contract to Verizon Wireless for cellular and data services in the amount of $130,000. Click to View
l.   Consider the purchase of 38 computers from Dell, Inc. for a total cost of $63,749.71. Click to View
m.   Consider an Ordinance approving the negotiated settlement between the Atmos Cities Steering Committee and Atmos Energy Corporation, Mid-Tex Division regarding the company's 2019 Rate Review Mechanism (RRM) Filing. Click to View
1.   Consider Zoning Case Z-1404-19; a Specific Use Permit (SUP) to allow an accessory building over 240 square feet at 1335 North Hulgan Circle; consisting of one (1) lot and 43,520 square feet of land, and adopting Ordinance.  Applicant: Deborah Lott; Property Owner: Clarence Lott. Click to View
2.   Consider Zoning Case Z-1389-18 (PD-176); a Planned Development to allow a tower 275 feet in height; located at 714 East Belt Line Road and to the south of the DeSoto Police Station; enclosed in an area consisting of 3,906 square feet; and adopting Ordinance.  Applicant: Harmony Clarkrider; Owner City of DeSoto/Chief Joe Costa. Click to View
G.   REGULAR AGENDA - New Business
1.   Consider approval and acceptance of Fiscal Year 2018 Assistance to Firefighters Grant in the total budget amount of $92,919.09. Click to View
2.   Council approval of a contract with Lexipol for Fire Operation Procedures, Standard Policy Cross-Reference, and Supplemental Publication Services. Click to View
Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551. 0415 the City Council may report on the following items: ( 1) expression of thanks, congratulations or condolences; ( 2) information about holiday schedules; 3) recognition of individuals; ( 4) reminders about upcoming City Council events; ( 5) information about community events; and ( 6) announcements involving imminent threat to public health and safety.
1.   (a) The City Council will convene into Executive Session pursuant to Section 551.074 of the Texas Government Code, Personnel Matters, to discuss and consider the resignation of the DeSoto Economic Development Corporation President.

(b) Action as a result of Executive Session.

The building in which the above meeting will be conducted is wheelchair accessible.  Person with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and may require auxiliary aid or services such as readers or large print, or interpreters for persons who are deaf or hearing impaired, are requested to contact the Office of City Secretary at 972-230-9646 or by E-mail at or by calling through a T.D.D. (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) to Relay Texas 800-732-2989.

I, the undersigned authority, do hereby certify that this Notice of Meeting was posted in accordance with the regulations of the Texas Open meetings Act on the bulletin board located at the entrance to the City of DeSoto's Jim Baugh Government Center, a place convenient and readily accessible to the general public as well as to the City's website and said Notice was posted on the following date and time:  Friday, September 27, 2019  by 5:00PM and remained so posted at least two hours after said meeting was convened.


Kisha R. Morris-Perkins, City Secretary
DeSoto City Council Meeting are broadcast live in their entirety on DeSoto's City Website Government Access Channel 16 available to Time Warner subscribers on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  A taped broadcast is aired each day on Channel 16 at 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and 11:00 p.m. following the live broadcast.  Question regarding the broadcast schedules should be directed to Kathy Jones, Community relations Manager, at 972-230-9648. These taped broadcasts are also available to view on the City's website ( ) at your convenience. Questions regarding the Internet viewing of these meetings should be directed to the Office of the City Secretary at 972-230-9646.


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