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  Item # 1.       
Meeting Date: 08/24/2020  
FROM: Douglas Dancs

Approve a Parking Structure at 5701 Katella Avenue – Conditional Use Permit No. 3173
Approve Conditional Use Permit No. 3173, subject to the attached conditions.
Lillibridge/Ventas applied to construct a five-level, 419 space parking structure at 5701 Katella Avenue. A parking structure at this site was approved in 2003, but was never built and its Conditional Use Permit expired.  United Healthcare leases the building the parking structure will serve.
In 1994, City Council approved an amendment to the McDonnell Center Specific Plan (MCSP), including a conceptual plan with a parking structure at the northwest corner of Katella Avenue and McDonnell Drive, and a Mitigated Negative Declaration. 

Project Description
The project proposes a 419 space, five-level parking structure. The parking structure’s average height is 45.6 feet. At its highest point (the top of the elevator tower) the structure is 60 feet tall.
Subject Property and Surrounding Land Uses
The 9.18-acre site, at the northwest corner of Katella Avenue and McDonnell Drive, is designated as Planning Area 5 in the MCSP. The site consists of a five-story, 72 foot tall, 228,816 square foot office building occupied by United Healthcare and 753 parking spaces.  
Direction Land Use Zoning
North Trident University PC-3
South Multi-Tenant Office Buildings PC-4
East Courtyard by Marriott PC-3
West Travel House PC-3
 Development Standards
Standards Required Proposed
Front Setback (Katella Avenue) 40 feet 320 feet
Side Setback (McDonnell Drive) 30 feet 52 feet
Rear Setback (Plaza Drive) 15 feet 15 feet
Maximum Height 99 feet 60 feet
The existing building and proposed structure meet the Specific Plan standards. 
Parking Analysis
The parking structure provides 419 parking spaces, but will eliminate 100 existing surface parking spaces, resulting in a net gain of 319 parking spaces (42%).
Type Spaces Proposed Spaces Difference
Surface Parking Lot 753 653 (100)
Parking Structure 0 419 419
Total 753 1,072 319

The parking structure includes ten accessible spaces and two electric vehicle spaces.

Parking requirements are one space for every 250 square feet of office area (excluding areas for hallways, stairs and restrooms).  The office building contains 187,943 square feet of office area excluding areas for hallways, stairs and restrooms, and requires 752 parking spaces.
Type Square Feet
Total Building Square Footage 228,816
Hallway/Restrooms/Stairways 40,873
Area for Parking Calculation 187,943
The minimum parking requirement is set by the Municipal Code and properties may provide additional spaces to meet their needs. At its maximum occupancy, United Healthcare reports it needs at least 300 more parking spaces than are provided onsite. United Healthcare had leased 300 parking spaces from Los Alamitos Race Course to meet its parking needs and shuttled employees back and forth.
Building Design
The concrete parking structure façade is consistent with the office building at 5701 Katella Avenue. The structure will match the color and provide brick accents on the corners of the structure and walls at ground level. Stairwells on the southeast and southwest corners and an elevator on the southwest corner of the structure have bronze metal window frames to match the office building.   
The project complies with the permitted uses, development standards, and parking standards in the Municipal Code, MCSP, and General Plan. The architecture and design are consistent with the MCSP Design Standards and a review of the parking structure’s proposed design, colors and materials has been completed by GAA Architects (attached).  The project complies with the MCSP design standards and will be compatible with the office building. 
The proposed parking structure would be landscaped in accordance with the MCSP and the Municipal Code.  The existing landscaping along Katella Avenue, McDonnell Drive and Plaza Drive, and the unaltered portions of the surface parking lot will remain.  New trees, shrubs, ground cover and landscaping vines will be planted adjacent to the parking structure for screening.
The 1994 amended MCSP Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration serves as CEQA compliance for the proposed project.  CEQA Guidelines allow an addendum to an IS/MND “if only minor technical changes or additions are necessary or none of the conditions described in Section 15162 calling for the preparation of a subsequent EIR or negative declaration have occurred.” 
Based on information and analysis to the 1994 Amended MCSP IS/MND (Addendum) and pursuant to Section 15162 of the State CEQA Guidelines, the City Planner has determined an Addendum is appropriate based on the following:
  1. There are no substantial changes that would require major revisions of the Amended MCSP IS/MND.
  2. Substantial changes have not occurred that will require major revisions to the 1994 IS/MND.
  3. There is no new information of substantial importance that was not known at the time the 1994 IS/MND was approved.
Notices of the public hearing were posted, published, and mailed to the owner of all properties located within 300 feet of the subject parcel.  To date, no communication has been received.
If the City Council identifies issues which should be addressed prior to taking action on this item, the City Council may consider:
  1. Including additional conditions of approval and/or negotiate with the applicant to provide additional design elements; or
  2. Continuing this application and direct staff to work with the applicant to resolve the issues; or
  3. Continuing the item, make findings for denial, and direct staff to return with a resolution of denial for the project.
None required.
APPROVED BY: Peter Grant, City Manager
Vicinity Map
Project Plans
Photo Simulations
Independent Architect’s Opinion for Parking Structure Design
Addendum to the Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
Conditions of Approval


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