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  Item # 10.       
Meeting Date: 08/24/2020  
FROM: Matt Burton

Approve the Chief of Police Recruitment and Salary Range Update
Adopt a Resolution establishing a revised salary range for the Chief of Police.
On July 13, the City Council approved an agreement for executive recruitment services for the vacant Chief of Police position. The City received proposals from three firms and selected Teri Black and Company. Established in 2006, Teri Black is a highly respected recruiting firm with extensive experience assisting local governments with executive searches, including police management positions. Teri Black has worked with several Orange County cites on a variety of high-level recruitments, including the cities of Anaheim, Costal Mesa, Huntington Beach and Tustin. They also successfully assisted Cypress with the recent Planning Director selection.

Teri Black has prepared a timeline (attached) for identifying Police Chief candidates. The recruitment will open the last week of August with a four week filing period. Screening interviews will take place immediately upon the close of the application period and interviews in late October. It is anticipated the next Police Chief will begin their assignment in January 2021.

Identifying and hiring highly-qualified candidates for executive level positions in local governments is challenging. There is a limited pool of experienced candidates and competition from other local agencies for top-level talent is high. In order to ensure Cypress remains able to attract top talent, it is important salary ranges for key positions are periodically reviewed and compared to the marketplace. In conjunction with the Police Chief recruitment process, Human Resources and Teri Black conducted a salary survey of comparable Police Chief positions in Orange County and Los Angeles County. The survey indicates the Police Chief range is in the lower third of comparable agencies and five to ten percent below the middle of the range. An adjustment to the salary range for the Chief of Police is recommended to position the City to recruit top candidates.

As currently structured, the City's department directors share a single salary range although their salaries are widely spread through the range and the Police Chief salary is traditionally at/near the top of the range. The salary survey and Teri Black's input confirmed Chief of Police salaries are consistently higher than other department directors and it is unusual for all department directors to be grouped in a single, large salary range.

It is recommended the top of the Police Chief salary range start five percent higher than the top of the Police Captain range and the top of the range increase seven percent. These adjustments result in a revised annual salary range of $190,536 ($15,878 per month) to $223,524 ($18,627 per month). The current salary range is $135,804 ($11,317 per month) to $208,896 ($17,408 per month).  This recommendation will not create a compaction issue between the Police Chief and City Manager positions as they will remain more than five percent apart. The recommendation will not result in a change to the interim Police Chief's compensation.
The recommendation would result in additional annual salary and benefit costs of approximately $21,000 if the Chief of Police were compensated at the highest rate within the new range. Sufficient salary savings are available in FY 2020-21 should a new Chief of Police be hired at an annual salary which exceeds the current range maximum and future budgets would incorporate the revised range.
None required.
APPROVED BY: Peter Grant, City Manager
Timeline of Recruitment Milestones
Resolution - Chief of Police Salary Range


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