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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/13/2019  
FROM: Douglas Dancs

Approve an Office Addition - Amendment to Conditional Use Permit No. 92-15
Approve the Amendment to Conditional Use Permit No. 92-15, subject to the attached conditions.
Lord’s Light Community Church is requesting an office addition to meet its administrative needs and after-school tutoring uses.  No additional uses or extended hours are proposed.
Subject Property and Surrounding Uses
The existing 0.92-acre property contains a 9,639 square-foot church building, located within the PC Planned Community Zone (Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan area).  The following table lists the surrounding land uses.
Direction Land Use Zoning
North (Across Cypress St.) City Maintenance Yard PC Planned Community
South (Across Lincoln Ave.) Retail Commercial PC Planned Community
East Professional Office and Warehouse PC Planned Community
West Retail Commercial and Light Industrial  PC Planned Community

  • 1992:  City Council approved Conditional Use Permit (CUP) No. 92-15, allowing construction of a 9,000 square-foot church building & conversion of a 2,280 square-foot building into classrooms.
  • 1994:  CUP amendment, changing the project plans to a single 9,639 square-foot, two-story building.
  • 2004:  CUP amendment, adding an after-school tutoring center operating on weekdays within the five existing classrooms in the church building.
Project Description
The project adds 2,175 square feet of office onto the second floor of the church building.  The total building area after the addition is 11,814 square feet.

Expansion of a conditionally permitted use or building requires an amendment to the CUP.  The church office expansion complies with all development standards in the Municipal Code, as well as in the Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan.  The project does not expand the assembly area or add uses that increase the parking requirements.  The second-story addition will not affect the existing 76 parking spaces onsite.  The additional office area will be used during the daytime on weekdays, which will not conflict with the sanctuary’s peak parking period on Sundays. Therefore, the existing 76 parking spaces remain sufficient to accommodate the building expansion.

The addition's design is consistent with the existing building design and is compatible with surrounding commercial and light industrial uses.  Accordingly, approval is recommended.

Public Hearing
Notices of the public hearing were posted, published, and mailed to the owners of all properties located within 300 feet of the subject parcel.  To date, no communication has been received.

Alternative Action
In the event the City Council determines there are issues which should be addressed prior to taking any action on this item, the City Council should continue this application and instruct staff to work with the applicant to resolve the issues.  A second alternative is to make the required finding for denial and deny the project based on these findings.
Legal review is not required for this item.
APPROVED BY:    Peter Grant, City Manager
Vicinity Map
Project Plans
Conditions of Approval
Public Hearing Radius Map

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