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  Item # 8.       
Meeting Date: 05/13/2019  
FROM: Matt Burton

Approve Recreation Class Specifications and Pay Ranges
1. Adopt a resolution establishing the Class Specification for Recreation and Community Services Manager and amending Resolution No. 6721 establishing pay ranges for Mid-Management positions; and

2. Adopt a resolution revising the Class Specification for Recreation Specialist, establishing the Class Specifications for Part-Time Recreation Specialist and Recreation Facilities Attendant, and amending Resolution No. 6716 establishing hourly ranges for Temporary Part-Time and Seasonal Positions.
When positions become vacant, the Human Resources Division and the affected Department will review the class specification and revise as necessary. These changes may include contemporary updates due to changes in departmental structure, changes to duties and/or job titles and general language clean-up.

Recreation and Community Services Manager
In response to the department's recent organizational review, the budgeted position of Recreation and Community Services Manager (previously titled Recreation and Community Services Superintendent) will be filled. This position has been vacant for two years and the class specification has been reviewed and updated in conjunction with opening the recruitment.

Recreation Specialist
The Recreation and Community Services Department currently has a vacant full-time Recreation Coordinator position. Following the completion of the department's strategic plan and hiring the new Recreation and Community Services Manager, the department will determine how to proceed with filling the vacancy. In the interim, it is recommended the position be filled in part with a newly-created temporary part-time Recreation Specialist. The Recreation Specialist position requires more experience and a higher skill set than other existing part-time positions in Recreation and Community Services. Aside from being a non-represented part-time position, this new classification is identical to the existing benefited Recreation Specialist which is part of the Cypress Employees' Association (CEA). The new part-time classification will be paid the same hourly rate as the CEA classification, and will allow enhanced staffing flexibility and provide budget savings since the position only receives benefits as required by State and Federal law. The class specification for the Recreation Specialist classification in the CEA has also been updated to be consistent with the part-time classification. The City has met and conferred with the CEA on this matter.

Recreation Facilities Attendant
It is recommended a new part-time classification called Recreation Facilities Attendant be established in conjunction with the upcoming budget. The position would provide general maintenance assistance at the Community Center and Senior Center and would be supervised by Recreation and Community Services staff. The new position would replace part-time Maintenance Attendant hours previously allocated in the Maintenance Division of the Community Development Department. The new Recreation Facilities Attendant would provide additional efficiencies and higher service levels for Recreation and Community Services and would be paid the same hourly amount as the Maintenance Attendant.
The creation of the part-time Recreation Specialist to temporarily fill a vacant full-time position will result in short-term budget savings while maintaining service levels.
None required.
APPROVED BY: Peter Grant, City Manager
Resolution - Recreation & Community Services Manager
Resolution - Rec Specialist & Part-Time Positions
Attachment A - Part-Time Hourly Rates
Class Spec - RCS Manager
Class Spec - Rec Specialist (CEA)
Class Spec - Rec Specialist (Temporary Part-Time)
Class Spec - Rec Facilities Attendant


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