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  Action   14.       
Development Services  
Meeting Date: 07/27/2021  
Adopting the 2015 Edition of the International Building Code and other Related Codes including Appendices and Amendments
Submitted By: Paul Esparza, Development Services
Department: Development Services  
Presentation: PowerPoint
Recommendation: Approve
Document Signatures: BOS Signature Required
Submitted for Signature:
Paul Esparza TITLE
Building Official
Docket Number (If applicable):
Mandated Function?: Federal or State Mandate
Source of Mandate
or Basis for Support?:
ARS 11-861

Agenda Item Text:
Adopt Resolution 21-15 the 2015 Edition of the International Building Code and other Related Codes, including Appendices and Amendments as set forth in Exhibit A.
The Building Code Advisory and Appeals Board (BCAAB) met in April and May 2021 to discuss adopting the 2015 Editions of the International Building Code and related codes. Board members reviewed the major changes and made recommendations on local code amendments to staff. BCAAB made a recommendation for adoption of the 2015 IBC and related codes to the BOS at their May 19, 2021 meeting. The Building Official has reviewed the code changes and amendments with internal building staff and other jurisdiction staff. 
Local building contractors have requested the county adopt the 2015 building codes for consistency with other incorporated jurisdictions in the county such as Sierra Vista and Benson who have adopted the 2015 codes. Changes in technology innovation and improved ways to increase safety and efficiency are additional reasons to adopt a newer code edition.
Department's Next Steps (if approved):
Staff will replace the 2012 code books with the 2015 editions and related codes, and begin enforcing the new codes on the effective date. 
Impact of NOT Approving/Alternatives:
Cochise County will remain on the 2012 Editions of the International Building Codes, if the Board of Supervisors chooses not to adopt the 2015 Editions. 
To BOS Staff: Document Disposition/Follow-Up:
Record Resolution and provide copy to the Development Services Department.

2015 ICC Codes Exhibit A
BOS staff memo
BOS building codes PPT


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