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  Consent   5.       
Court Administration  
Meeting Date: 05/04/2021  
Reappointment and Appointment Justice of the Peace Pro Tems
Submitted By: Shawneen Serrano, Court Administration
Department: Court Administration  
Presentation: No A/V Presentation
Recommendation: Approve
Document Signatures: BOS Signature NOT Required
Submitted for Signature:
Niltza Flores TITLE
Associate Court Administrator
Docket Number (If applicable):
Mandated Function?: Federal or State Mandate
Source of Mandate
or Basis for Support?:
ARS 22-121

Agenda Item Text:
Approve the reappointment of Justice Court Precinct Five Pro Tempore, Mr. Gary W. Ramaeker, the reappointment of Mr. Gerald F. Till, Mr. C.J. Garan, and Ms. Pamela Housh as county-wide Justice of the Peace Pro Tempores, the appointment of Ms. Candyce Pardee as county-wide Justice of the Peace Pro Tempore, all for emergency or temporary coverage pursuant to ARS 22-121; and, approve authorization to call upon an appropriately appointed Justice of the Peace Pro Tempore from another county in extenuating circumstances pursuant to ARS 22-122, effective July 1, 2021 through June, 30, 2022.
The court is required to appoint and annually reappoint Justices of the Peace Pro Tempore with the approval of the Board of Supervisors. This includes the approval to call upon a Justice of the Peace from another county when there is a conflict for all the Justice of the Peace in Cochise County.
Department's Next Steps (if approved):
Appointment of Justices of the Peace Pro Tempores by Presiding Judge of Cochise County.
Impact of NOT Approving/Alternatives:
No temporary or emergency coverage in the Justice Courts.
To BOS Staff: Document Disposition/Follow-Up:
Notify Court Administration of agenda item approval- Send Clerk's statement of outcome of item with BOS vote.

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