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  Agenda Item # 11.       
ALA Planning Network Advisory Committee
Meeting Date: 12/12/2017  
Title:    85th Legislature Interim Charges
Presented by: Jacob Ulczynski

Presentation and discussion on the 85th Legislature Interim Charges.
During the interim between each legislative session, the Lieutenant governor and Speaker of the House issue charges to committees to study key issues and research information that will help guide future legislative decisions. Over 300 interim charges were issued to the 85th legislature. The charges include relevant issues that standing committees in both chambers will review, study, examine, or monitor in anticipation of the 86th Legislative Session, including:
  • Substance use and abuse;
  • Housing;
  • Pre and post-booking jail diversion alternatives for youth and adults;
  • Risk assessments to determine risk of recidivism;
  • Increased use of specialty courts;
  • Guardianship;
  • Increased use of telemedicine in juvenile detention and county jail facilities;
  • Implementation of the Community MH Grant Program (HB 13) and the MH Grant Program for Justice-Involved Individuals (SB 292);
  • Review of managed care;
  • Prescription drug coverage / monitoring / formularies available to the State Medicaid Program;
  • Provider rates; 
  • Hurricane Harvey response;
  • Monitoring coordination across state agencies with respect to behavioral health related expenditures;

Interim charges can be read in their entirety at the following links:
  • Senate Interim Part 1
  • Senate Interim Part 2
  • House Interim                        
The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) reviewed all the interim charges and has identified the charges that could impact people with disabilities and their families. The seven interim charges that could have the most impact are listed below:
  • Early Childhood Intervention Program: The House Appropriations Committee will examine the Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECI) in Texas, including a review of historical funding levels, challenges providers face within the program, and solutions to strengthen ECI.
  • Educator Preparation Programs: The House Higher Education and Public Education Committees will review the current Educator Preparation Programs’ accountability system and evaluate the ability of these programs to meet the workforce needs of school districts by preparing teachers for high-needs areas.
  • High Quality Education Expansion Opportunities: The Senate Education Committee will examine high-quality campus/programs in Texas, including whether students who require special educational services or students in chronically high-poverty areas should have additional options to meet their unique educational needs.
  • Medicaid Managed Care Quality and Compliance: The House Appropriations Committee will study the processes by which state agencies manage state contracts, and make recommendations on whether any changes are necessary to safeguard the best interest of the public and state.
  • Medicaid Managed Care Quality and Improvement: The House Human Services Committee will review the history and any future roll-out of Medicaid managed care in Texas, including the impact managed care has had on the quality and cost of care.
  • Medicare and Medicaid Housing and Natural Disasters: The House Human Services Committee will study the impact of Hurricane Harvey and the response to the storm on individuals living in long-term care facilities, state supported living centers, licensed community group homes, etc.
  • Students with Disabilities and Public Schools: The House Public Education Committee will examine programs in public schools that have proven results meeting the needs of and improving student achievement for students with disabilities.
Information item; no action required.
85th Key Interim Charges

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