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  Agenda Item # 23.       
Board of Directors Meeting
Meeting Date: 12/06/2017  
Title:    Interlocal Contracts for Air Quality Planning Projects
Presented by: Roger Arriaga

Consider and act upon a recommendation to authorize the Executive Director to negotiate and execute unique, but identical, Interlocal contracts with Bexar County in the amount of $125,000 and the City of San Antonio in the amount of $125,000, for a total of $250,000 for completing air quality planning projects beginning in January 2018 and ending in June 2019. - Roger Arriaga
In June 2017, the Governor Abbott vetoed funding for air quality planning across the state.  This action resulted in the potential elimination of critical air quality projects which forecast local ozone impacts, track sources of ozone emission precursors, and assess local strategies for mitigating the corresponding health and economic impacts.  Bexar County and the City of San Antonio allowed for the continuation of some of these projects by providing project funds in their respective budgets.
In contracting with both entities, AACOG commits to provide additional photochemical modeling, an emission inventory of regional construction equipment, and an analysis of corresponding local control strategies.  In addition, AACOG will provide quarterly progress reports.  Reimbursement for these project will be based on identified benchmarks.  The air quality projects AACOG will conduct for the city and county provide key information for local decision makers regarding the potential impact of anticipated ozone levels and related control strategies on air quality.  These projects are particularly important in light of the region’s current air quality status.  As of the end of the 2017 ozone season, ozone pollution measured at local monitors fail to meet current federal air quality thresholds.
These contracts are anticipated to begin in January of 2018 and ending in June 2019, depending on corresponding approval by the Bexar County Commissioner’s Court and the San Antonio City Council.  Allocation of funds for this Air Quality project is included in AACOG’s 2018 budget for Natural Resources.
Staff recommends approval of these contracts to complete air quality planning projects including a photochemical model, an emissions inventory and an analysis of local control strategies in the region.  If you have any questions, please contact Roger Arriaga at or 210-918-1284.
County Agreement
COSA Agreement

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