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  Agenda Item # 20.       
Board of Directors Meeting
Meeting Date: 12/06/2017  
Presented by: John Clamp

Discussion and appropriate action on the recommendation to enter into one year contracts with Aetna Health, Inc. (Aetna) and United of Omaha Insurance Company (Omaha) for the provision of employee healthcare benefits beginning January 1 through December 31, 2018. - John Clamp
Due to a significant increase in premiums, AACOG, acting through its benefits consultant, Gallagher Consulting Services, released an RFP for health care providers.  Based on the proposals submitted, Aetna Health, Inc. was selected to provide the employee health insurance and United of Omaha Insurance Company was selected to provide disability and life insurance coverage for the 2018 year.
The combined coverages, deductibles and co-payments for employees is relatively the same with Aetna and Omaha and compared to United Health Care and Lincoln Insurance Company.   AACOG staff will be prepared to answer any questions.
The acceptance of Aetna and Omaha as our new insurance providers will net an estimated increase in premiums of 1.12% or $21,120.  This is a combined increase for medical, dental, vision, life, short term disability, and long term disability.
Staff recommends approval entering into one year contracts with Aetna and Omaha. If you have any questions, please contact John Clamp at or (210) 362-5208.
Aetna benefits
Omaha benefits

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