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  Agenda Item # 25.       
Board of Directors Meeting
Meeting Date: 12/06/2017  
Title:    Electronic Health Record and Electronic Visit Verification RFPs
Presented by: Jacob Ulczynski

Consider and act upon authorizing the Executive Director to: 

A.  Release a Request for Proposal (RFP) and enter into an agreement with the selected vendor for Electronic Health Record (EHR) software;
B.  Release an RFP and enter into an agreement with the selected vendor for mobile Electronic Visit Verification (E.V.V.) software; and,
C. Approve portal access license fees with AssureCare, LLC, as necessary to transition to the EHR. - Jacob Ulczynski
The IDD Services department provides services to over 4,000 individuals each year, and is required to maintain the records for those individuals.  Currently, consumer records are maintained in paper format in the IDDS Records file room, with inactive files maintained in an off-site storage facility.   Daily operations and actions regarding the consumer cases are currently maintained on an electronic data base through AssureCare, LLC. that has been repeatedly updated in the past nine years to meet the needs of the IDDS program.  The current system does not allow for electronic billing for Medicaid claims, will not allow for direct-entry of Service Coordination case notes required for the submission of billing claims, and does not integrate electronic visit verification data.

RFPs have been developed for the Electronic Health Records system and the Electronic Visit Verification software in compliance with AACOG Procurement Policies.  The "Q" Data System maintenance, support and portal access through AssureCare, LLC is an extension of a contract that was previously procured.
A. The purchase of a comprehensive Electronic Health Records (EHR) system has the goal of improving contract compliance through the utilization of an integrated and centralized approach to client, case, and clinical management while managing multiple funding models. The standardization and centralization of data is expected to improve ability to meet reporting requirements as facilitated by the automation of tracking and reporting on increasingly complex and interconnected outcome measures and performance metrics, leading to a more accountable and responsive service structure. The purchase of an EHR is also expected to improve AACOG’s compliance with the omnibus Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules. Workflows embedded in the EHR will drive productivity and efficiency, while minimizing manual processing time.

B. The purchase of an Electronic Visit Verification software has the goal of improving service quality and reducing administrative costs through the utilization of an integrated and centralized approach to workforce management. The use of GPS-based, real-time tools for scheduling, travel planning/tracking, geofencing, time recording, and visit confirmation will result in a more accountable, efficient, and responsive workforce.

C.  The current data system, "Q", will need to be extended for some portion of 2018 to allow for the smooth transition to the new EHR system.  AssureCare LLC provides portal access, maintenance and support for an annual per-user fee, which will be negotiated in 2018 to allow for the transition to the EHR and to ensure the retention of all client data during that process. Fees for 2017 totaled $148,000.
The funding for the EHR system,  E.V.V. software and "Q" licenses is included in the 2018 AACOG budget. The IDDS program currently expenses more than $206,000 annually on various electronic systems which would be phased out as the new software systems are implemented. We can expect, over a 5-year period, to see reduced mileage expenses, reduced paper/copy costs, and reduced medical records staff of at least 2 FTEs.
Staff recommends approval to release both the Electronic Health Record RFP and the Electronic Visit Verification RFP, to enter into agreements with the selected vendors, and to extend the license agreement with AssureCare, LLC, the current "Q" Data System provider.

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