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  Agenda Item # 9.A.       
Alamo Senior Advisory Committee
Meeting Date: 11/16/2017  
Care Coordination and Family Caregiver Report

Care Coordination and Family Caregiver Report
Services are available for individuals 60 and over as well as Grandparents raising grandchildren/kin. The following areas are available as follows:
  • Emergency Response System (ERS): and lockbox for six months for frail seniors often home alone. Either a bracelet or necklace, our ERS vendors offer the same discounted rates after our assistance ends.
  • Minor Residential Repair: replace broken appliances such as a stove or refrigerator that low-income seniors are unable to replace. 
  • Personal assistance: up to 6 hours per week for up to eight weeks.
  • Homemaker Services:  up to 4 hours per week for up to eight weeks
  • Health Maintenance: (prescription assistance, incontinence supplies,     nutrition supplements such as Ensure, grab bars, dental/vision or other medical bills incurred from October 1 to present) for items Medicare,  Medicaid, the VA or private insurance do not cover. Health Maintenance assistance up to $200.00 per person.
  • Income Support: up to $200.00 per household annually (late utility bill, propane, etc.).
  • Respite Care: provides Family Caregivers an opportunity to recharge before returning to their many responsibilities. Respite Care is limited to in home Respite care or adult daycare for eight weeks. In home Respite care includes some Personal and Homemaker tasks.  
  • Legal Assistance for Family Caregivers:  Must be non-litigation (uncontested) cases such as a Will, POA, Advanced Directives and Medical POA. For uncontested Divorce, Adoptions, etc., the senior pays court costs.
  • Family Caregiver Resource Centers (CRC): offer family Caregivers access to books, videos and brochures on a wide variety of topics relevant to being a family Caregiver. Caregiver Resource Centers are available in each of the twelve counties we serve. The Center nearest you is at the Kenedy Public Library.
The National Family Caregiver Program for Grandparents raising grandchildren is in full swing. Grandparents and other Kin on fixed incomes look toward AACOG for resources to assist with winter clothing for growing children. Walmart’s in the Alamo region continue to be excellent partners in this process. With a limited number of pharmacy and vision center options in some counties and transportation an issue, local Walmart’s offer a viable option.
For more information to access services mentioned above, contact ASC at  1-866-231-4922 or 210-477-3275 or visit us on
Alamo AAA is accepting donations of space heaters to provide to seniors as the cold weather progresses. Staying warm helps seniors stay healthier. We have two space heaters left to provide to seniors in the counties. If you would like to donate or find out more information, please contact Maria Wilson. 
Maria Wilson, Alamo Care Coordination Coordinator or 210-362-5276

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