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  Consent   1.B.1.       
Meeting Date: 09/27/2021  
TITLE:    Castle Rock Park Playground Improvements - Reject All Bids
Department: Parks/Rec/Public Lands  

Staff recommends Council reject all bids.
BACKGROUND (Consistency with Adopted Plans and Policies, if applicable)
In FY 21 Council approved $400,000 for the replacement of playground equipment at Castle Rock Park.  As part of this work, a playground pod needed to be constructed to house the playground equipment.  A consultant was hired to develop plans and specifications.  The consultant estimated construction costs at $70,000 based on historic bid prices of similar projects.  However, due to the current construction climate and the uncertainty of bid prices, the consultant was not confident of the estimate.  The project was advertised for bid and the bids were opened on September 7th.  There was only one bidder with a bid price of $199,995.00.  Due to the exorbitant price, staff is recommending that all bids be rejected and that the project be re-bid in early to mid-winter.
City Council may:
  • Reject all bids; or,
  • Provide staff with additional guidance.
By rejecting all bids, there will be no fiscal effects to the City.


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