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  Regular   4.a.       
Meeting Date: 09/27/2021  
TITLE:    Public Hearing & Resolution Setting Annual Light District Assessments for Fiscal Year 2022
PRESENTED BY: Jennifer Duray
Department: Public Works  

Staff recommends that the City Council conduct a public hearing and approve the proposed resolution adopting the annual Special Improvement Lighting Maintenance District (SILMD) assessments for Fiscal Year 2022.
BACKGROUND (Consistency with Adopted Plans and Policies, if applicable)
The City administers 197 Special Improvement Lighting Maintenance Districts (SILMDs) containing 8,882 lights.  The City owns and maintains approximately 52% of these lights and the remaining lights are owned and maintained by other entities.  Montana Code Annotated, Section 7-12-4332, requires that the City Council annually adopt a resolution to assess the costs for each Special Improvement Lighting Maintenance District (SILMD) on or before the first Monday in October each year. The amount assessed is based on anticipated utility rates, estimated maintenance costs, equipment replacements, and administrative fees, as well as the reserve requirements needed for each district. The attached resolution specifies the proposed SILMD assessments for the 197 districts for FY22.
City Council may:
  • Approve the resolution assessing annual light districts; or,
  • Not approve the resolution. If Council does not approve the resolution, the city will not be in compliance with state law that requires the resolution to be passed annually prior to the first Monday in October.
SILMD assessments for FY22 will generate approximately $2,380,340 in revenues which is the amount calculated to recover the estimated costs of electricity, maintenance, equipment replacements, and administration fees, as well as to maintain an adequate cash balance in each light district fund. The SILMD assessment will increase for 15 light districts, decrease for 122 light districts, and remain unchanged for 57 light districts. There are also 3 new light districts being assessed in FY22. The overall decrease in revenues in FY22 compared to FY21 is $50,785.



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